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Senate unanimously votes to make lynching a federal crime

KCRA – by Elana Schor

The Senate has unanimously approved bipartisan legislation that would make lynching a federal crime.

The effort was led by two Democratic senators who are potential presidential contenders in 2020, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California.  

Joining them as lead sponsors of the anti-lynching bill was the Senate’s third African-American member, Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Efforts to pass legislation making lynching a federal crime have failed repeatedly in the past. The sponsors of the bill say there had been nearly 200 attempts in Congress.

It’s unclear whether the House will act on the anti-lynching measure this week before the Christmas holiday, and send it to President Donald Trump.


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11 Responses to Senate unanimously votes to make lynching a federal crime

  1. NC says:

    Hahahahaha!!! The politicians are afraid they’re going to get lynched. I love to hear them squirm.

  2. Clay says:

    Yep they are getting nervous 🙂

  3. DL. says:

    Right. Unless it’s We the People getting lynched. Then it’s okay. Okay okay…they’ll call it something else, like “collateral damage” or something.

  4. mary in TX says:

    Love it!!! Haha

  5. Norm says:

    Ha Ha fkn Ha……Yeah, see it’s a Federal crime, you can’t Hang us…that’s Lynching….

    Good one….For those who are not shot outright, you WILL be hung after a brief trial of course.

  6. Angel-NYC says:

    Breaking News:
    “Senate approves bill to keep government running into 2019”

    “At one point late in the late evening, senators broke out in a round of Christmas carols from a corner of the chamber. A few moments later, retiring Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., gaveled a procedural vote closed by suggesting ‘Rudolph’ had voted present.”

  7. .CaptainObvious says:

    No problem.
    Guillotine will work fine. With live multiperspective 4K cameras.
    Everyone wants to see that last blink.
    After the head is severed, and the brain doesn’t know it yet.
    A Samouri Sword. Again with the multiple 4K cameras.
    After that?
    The cattle bolt to the brain.”No Country For Old Men” style. Or a .22 short pistol bullet.
    Set too low to kill them completely.
    So the heart pumps out all of the blood when their throat is slit.
    And they’re hung upside down.
    That keeps it “Kosher”.
    And the last option.
    Skip the bolt to the brain.
    Hang them upside down and slit their throat cutting both Carotid Arteries.
    Multi angle 4K cameras views, of course. That goes without saying in this day and age.
    Please. No nasty retorts about the “Kosher” part.
    This is a diversity approved and certified PC comment.

    This may sound sadistic to some…or many….
    But I’ve seen this all done (except the Guillotine and Sword) to animals.
    Including the “blink”.

    These “Animals” deserve no more or less consideration.

  8. Enemy of the State says:

    Your so called laws will have no consequence when your strung up at the end of a rope all flippin and floppin like a fish outa water now will it?

    Yeah we see all about how your laws are enforced

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