Senators vote to call witnesses, extend Trump impeachment trial

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Senators on Saturday voted to call witnesses and therefore extend former President Donald Trump‘s second Senate impeachment trial.

Senators were expected to vote on a single article of impeachment — incitement of insurrection — for Trump’s alleged role in the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot.  

But senators voted 55-45 to call witnesses, extending the trial.

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6 thoughts on “Senators vote to call witnesses, extend Trump impeachment trial

  1. This is a f-king barrel of monkeys in a capitol occupied by the British Empire, using military troops. But this is how this country has been operating for the past thirty years under the administrative admiralty of the queen, who has ordered a guilty verdict in her court. We are officially occupied by f-king Britain again and to call this circle jerk any kind of a legal procedure is completely laughable.
    Why don’t they just stand up and tell the truth, that the queen has ordered a guilty verdict? Because then there would be no more denying that the people’s Bill of Rights has been ordered nullified by the same c-t and the people are back to Lexington and Concord.
    F-k this foreign occupation. This is not going to stop until we stop it, and this time we will go across that ocean and bring every f-king monarchy to its knees. And I have no doubt the people in those countries will embrace our Bill of Rights and gladly assist in trying the royals and sending them to the gallows.
    F-k this shit. They are getting more arrogant and seizing more power every day, and goddamn it people, they are not but a handful of piss ants that our multitudes would squish out of existence in a day, and the ministry of truth, packed with esquires is going to try to legitimize the completely ridiculous.
    Do you want to be free and at liberty or do you want to be a f-king serf? Considering the fact of our numbers, our ability, our armaments, and our righteous right to move forward and enforce our law, this is completely disgusting.
    Watch the talking heads smile as they shovel the horseshit in our face. This is lawlessness and only we the people can restore the law and order and give that f-king queen the boot, followed by invasion and destruction.
    They talk about the Russians meddling in our affairs as they are televising the crowned heads of Europe under the banner of zion mocking any thought of anything beyond imperial dictate.

    1. We can all start by starting to Rally against any kind of corporate bullshit rules or talk. You get pulled over by a corporate cop you chew his ass, Walmart wants to see your fkg ticket chew his ass, you walk into a store they want you to put a mask on tell him to fuk off, any kind of authority you rally against it. Every time we turn around we’re expected to bow down like Henry says,fuk them.

      Every goddamn day it’s another fkg pin stuck in our ass. Everybody you talk too, talk like a warrior for the Bill of Rights, no more Goody Two-Shoes.

      We have to start dragging these pussified pieces of shit that don’t get it over to our side.

      Start to ask people why the fkg are you wearing that fkg mask? Just ask him what are you a pussified punk?

      Tell them when this shit. lights off they’re going to be targeted all mask wearers targeted, because obviously they’re the enemy.

      Change the way you talk, this is fkg War not bouncy bounce time at McDonald’s.

  2. Related: I don’t agree with much of what he says here, especially in validating PBS as good news, and in speaking of coming together, left and right, into the “middle” with our “elected” officials. But I just love how he lays into this media prostitute. Felt good to hear him blast her.

    Michael van der Veen destroys the entire media after questioning from CBSN anchor:


    1. We know both sides are corrupt, but many will attach on to this guy just because he stood up to the media. Who will ask him about who really runs our country? Who will ask him about the ignoring and suppressing of our Bill of Rights? Who will ask him about all the infringements on our rights? No media is doing that.

      Steady and ready, or ready even if unsteady.


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