SENIOR ALERT! Paul Ryan is after your Social Security Again

The elitist neo-cons wearing their $5000 suits have taken up the cry for Paul Ryan’s so called entitlement reforms again, in particular, cuts to social security.  I love the way they call this an entitlement.  Social Security is a direct payroll deduction for retirement insurance.

Once again the issue of baby boomers is being brought up and of course it is being said that when the baby boomers began their working careers there were sixteen workers paying in for every retiree.  And now of course, because the baby boomers are coming of age, there are only three workers paying for every recipient.

Sounds like a good reason to cut benefits, does it not?

I love the way they calculate this crap.  The fact is if there were sixteen of us paying in during the baby boom era, should not the account have grown exponentially as a matter of math.  And what about the interest?

The truth is Paul Ryan and the rest of those neo-con sons of bitches have got to raid the Social Security account and turn it over to their corporate masters as payment for putting them into office.

Think about all the dire issues facing us, right now, today.  Record unemployment, record food and energy prices, more wars than you can shake a stick at, and all you can hear out of Washington is “We must take over the Social Security account and screw everybody aged 50 and younger or the account will no longer have a surplus in twenty years.”

This is bullshit of the stinkiest degree.  The fact is the Social Security account is the only government run account left operating in the black, not that they haven’t already stole a trillion dollars of it.  The thing is they just want to privatize it so their good friends/Masonic buddies over on Wall Street can get it invested for us before they crash the market again.

You seniors out there, if you want to save your Social Security money and our country, I have only four words for you.  VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!!

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “SENIOR ALERT! Paul Ryan is after your Social Security Again

  1. We need to recall Ryan and take the benefits from these politicians. Most of them didn’t pay a dime into the system and their benefits are way out of line. WHEN WE MAKE CUTS that is one place we can cut for sure. Between myself and employers I would have about 800 thousand dollars at 5% interest on the money that was contributed. We paid for our retirement and they need to leave it the hell alone.

  2. Between the Koch Bros and the automated voting machines these ” Public Officials” were put in office for the last time.

  3. “Social Security is a direct payroll deduction for retirement insurance.”

    Yep, it’s the same way we paid into unemployment for many, many years. Ron Paul is so on the mark when he says that it’s insane for people to believe that the government should take care of them from the cradle to the grave. People should be free to make their own choices, and to own up to the consequences of said choices. You can’t idiot-proof the country, nor should the citizens have their money taken from them to pay for the poor choices of others.

  4. So who entitled these corrupt weasels to give themselves “ENTITLED” pay raises? Who ENTITLED this garbage to a lifetime of lavish living after only having to serve 1 day in office? Time to get it on people!

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