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September 25th is “National Panic Day” a day where Americans are encouraged to spy on each other


Today, September 25th. is Homeland Security’s “National Panic Day.”

What is “National Panic Day”?

Officially, today is known as “National Awareness Day” not “National Panic Day.” For the reasons stated below,  I am calling it “National Panic Day” which coincides with DHS reissuing their National Terrorism Bulletins this month.  

DHS and law enforcement have created a national day that glorifies spying on your family, neighbors, coworkers, classmates and much more.

“Across the country, in our communities, we share everyday moments with our neighbors, family, coworkers, and friends.  We go to work or school, the grocery store, or the gas station.  It’s easy to overlook these routine moments, but as you’re going about your day if you see something that doesn’t seem quite right, say something.  By being alert and reporting suspicious activity to your local law enforcement you can protect your family, neighbors, and community.”

Because DHS and law enforcement don’t do enough spying, they have created a National Awareness Day that encourages domestic spying.

If you think “recognizing the signs of terrorism-related suspicious activity” ended with just an infographic you would be mistaken.

DHS has also created an entire page of suspicious young Americans doing things like bicycle jumping, eating from food trucks and sitting in a school hallway. Besides trying to appeal to X Games fans, what purpose do these videos serve?

I’ll give you a hint, DHS and law enforcement want young people to be afraid of everything.

Besides being blatantly hyperbolic, these videos play on young people’s fear of terror and encourages them to report “harmless activities.” This is what happens when you indoctrinate an entire generation of millennial’s who have grown up living in fear.

DHS’s “National Awareness Day” is a carbon copy of McCarthyism which turned America’s fears of Communism into a national panic that lasted for decades.

My god, what Senator Joseph McCarthy would have given to be alive today.

What better way to justify their existence [DHS] than by appealing to the younger generation and encouraging them to report harmless activities, family, friends, neighbors etc.

Let’s call National Awareness Day what it really is; A day that law enforcement fans the flames of fear, hence “National Panic Day.”


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7 Responses to September 25th is “National Panic Day” a day where Americans are encouraged to spy on each other

  1. Katie says:

    I’m glad this stupid thing is not glaring me in the face on my home calendar. I didn’t even know about this day till I read this.

    “National Panic Day,”, quite appropriate!

  2. Koyote says:

    I think McCarthy was just a misguided patriot.

  3. flee says:

    Oh… sht….!!!!!

    That’s Today….!!!!

    Hang on…. let me get my binoculars. …

    Okay…. I’m spying on my neighbor….

    I’m looking into their window…..

    And it looks like someone is milking a cow.

    I think I better report it..

    It could become an issue of national security.

    Or even worse…an…

    International incident.

    • KOYOTE says:


  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “This is what happens when you indoctrinate an entire generation of millennial’s who have grown up living in fear.”


    That stadium idea of mine is sounding better all the time… especially after reading cr@p like this!

  5. galen says:

    If you snitch, you’re a bitch

    If you tell, go to hell

    If you spy, please, just die


  6. Ed Teach says:

    By my calender its tomorrow. And its national situational awareness day.

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