6 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY??? Nobody’s Gonna Say Anything About This??

  1. The 10th Article NEVER authorized state corporate actors to shut down businesses nor house arrest the people. Yet now they cry that they have the power to decide when the state will open again. Of course they readily received the money.
    Such a crap show!

      1. No, he is not correct. He is the CEO of a corporation created in violation of the 9th Article of we the people’s absolute superior ratified law, as is Andrew Cuomo as a subcontractor. Both are criminals and neither has authority over the individual free sovereign. They are law breakers of the highest order and will be charged with treason and sedition.
        Nobody can order an American national but a common law jury and the 9th Article of the Bill of Rights makes that an absolute, forever, and the 10th Article applies the people’s authority to the states to obey the 9th Article.
        They are guilty of treason and sedition, every corporate f-king one of them.
        See Title 28, Definition 15, then look up corporation and republic.
        They have broken the people’s law and are attempting to subjugate us. They will not succeed.

    1. Yup Katie
      I been calling this whole thing a shit show right from the beginning

      Recognize war ,or least you get swept up in it

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