9 thoughts on “Sessions Stokes the Fire of Rebellion in the United States

  1. for the 1000 people who are aware of what really goes on already have the “fire of rebellion” in their belly… but that few awake people cant save a Republic that decides it wants to continue sleeping…until they’re all dead

    I hope im wrong

    ( the 1000 number comes from me being pissed maybe way higher than it is , even if its 100,000..its not enough, and not enough of them are acting on it)

    1. Try 40 million with another potential 60 million.
      Just consider how the website From the Trenches is made to look teeny tiny and insignificant as we are squeezed and starved. Then consider that we see 600,000 to a million page views per month, and that is according to the analytics which we have been told do not represent even 1/3 of the real number.
      What we have here is a pressure bomb and when it explodes, the numbers will be overwhelming. This the enemy knows and that is why huge amounts of money are being spent just to keep us held down.
      I know it is frustrating, but just knowing what is going to happen when it breaks loose, makes the waiting tolerable.

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