Seven Road Construction Workers Killed in Afghanistan

Seven civilian road construction workers were killed in Afghanistan Saturday and the mainstream media seems to be doing everything in their considerable power to belittle and cover the incident up.  In reading various reports one can only become confused which would seem to be the intent.

The London Telegraph reported the incident as follows:

Local officials said the air strike, by the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), killed seven road construction company employees.

ISAF said they were attacked by armed men, and fired back.

“The security force … is currently assessing who the individuals were, why they were armed and why they were in that area at that time of the morning,” said ISAF in a statement.

In Gardez, near the air strike, police and protesters fired at each other and burning tyre barricades filled the streets with smoke.

Six civilians and two policemen were wounded, said Nader Noori, doctor at the Gardez hospital.

The International Edition of CNN reported the incident as follows:

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Seven people thought to be civilians died in an eastern Afghanistan military operation, and bombers targeting security forces in the north and the south left several people wounded, authorities told CNN on Saturday.

The fighting erupted on Saturday as NATO-led forces pressed on against militants in Afghanistan.

The article from the London Telegraph clearly states that seven civilian road construction workers were killed by a bomb from an airstrike and then goes on to describe other incidents of violence.  The CNN article mixes all of the incidences of violence and leaves one with the impression that several civilians were wounded by the bombings.

So why all the gobbley gook in reporting?  Well the killing of civilians in Afghanistan is becoming a sore subject with many Americans who are beginning to ask the question, “What exactly is our goal in Afghanistan?”  We are at present paying $1 million per soldier per year to fight in Afghanistan and no one seems to be able to tell us what our end goal is.  And if we do not know what that end goal is how can strategies realistically be planned to achieve it?

Every day Afghanistan is beginning to look more and more like Viet Nam in that people are dying while no one can seem to tell us exactly why, at the same time defense contractors are making billions.  Are the wars in the Middle East turning into perpetual war for perpetual peace?

The fact is with our failing economy we cannot afford to sustain wars all over the planet indefinitely.  Not to mention the innocent lives being lost in reference to the civilians in the other countries and our own young people who die every day fighting to achieve an undefined objective.

Our economy at present is taking front and center all throughout the nation.  But maybe the best remedy for curing our economy is just simply ending these pointless wars.  If I am wrong here I apologize in advance, but I am an American and the bottom line is if there is something that needs to be done, let’s do it.

If not let us stop wasting our precious resources and stop killing people.  At some point we must get control of our emotions and return to logic.  Maybe I’m wrong but in analyzing the data I must conclude that the further continuance of the war in Afghanistan is illogical as I’m sure those seven road construction workers would agree, however they died.

Maybe someday in the future WikiLeaks will publish the truth as to what happened to the construction workers, if it is not censored out of existence.  Personally I would like to know the truth.

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