Several infants contract herpes during Jewish circumcision ritual

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NEW YORK — Several infants have contracted herpes in New York in recent months after undergoing a circumcision ritual, the Health Department confirmed.

There have been three cases reported since December and four since September 2019, officials said. Before this, the most recent cases of DOS-related neonatal herpes were in 2017. 

“Protecting the health and wellbeing of infants is always the city’s first priority,” a Health Department spokesman said. “The spread of neonatal herpes through ritual circumcision is a public health risk. To address this risk, we will continue to work with providers and families across our city to keep our youngest New Yorkers safe.”

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3 thoughts on “Several infants contract herpes during Jewish circumcision ritual

  1. ‘During metzitzah b’peh, the person performing the circumcision places his mouth on the the circumcision wound to suck blood away from the cut. Saliva from adults can carry a type of herpes that causes minor symptoms in adults, but potentially serious symptoms in newborns.

    A baby infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 could have brain damage or develop a lifelong disability, health officials said.

    ‘In 2013, a baby developed a fever seven days after circumcision and vesicular lesions the following day.’
    This has been going on forever …these sick fcks aren’t going to stop

  2. If you have herpes in your mouth but still can’t keep yer mouth off a bloody baby d after you mutilate it because your “holy book” told you to, you might be a degenerate. Just a thought. ..

  3. Since it’s only certain race that practices thiswhy not make it manditory for the practitoner to be infected.? Sounds like a self curing problem to me

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