Severe Flu Strain Reaches “Epidemic Levels” In New York City

The Intel Hub – by Alex Thomas

The years flu season has kicked into overdrive, with thousands being sickened and many experts, interviewed by the corporate media, claiming that this years season is actually 10x the strength of last year.

From tents outside certain hospitals in Pennsylvania to contain the spread, to emergency declarations in Boston, the danger poised by this years flu season does seem to be tenfold.

Now New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley has revealed that the strain in New York City has reached epidemic levels, with the number of cases of flu in the city being recorded at 5x the number of last year.

In a statement given to mainstream reporters, Farely had this to say:

“It’s a bad year. We’ve got lots of flu, it’s mainly type AH3N2, which tends to be a little more severe. So we’re seeing plenty of cases of flu and plenty of people sick with flu,”

Sadly, this huge jump in flu cases has lead to a major increase in propaganda in regards to the effectiveness and dangers posed by the flu vaccine.

As almost every single network in the country begins to cover the flu epidemic, the number one thing mentioned in each and every report is the supposed need to get a flu vaccine.

“Our message for any people who are listening to this is it’s still not too late to get your flu shot. If you haven’t gotten the flu yet and you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, you could still get it,” Farley said.


On Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo received his flu shot from the state health commissioner.

After getting his shot at a press conference Thursday, Cuomo received a lollipop from Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah.

“It is a serious situation,” the governor said.

Shah said more than 19,000 flu cases have been reported this year, compared to a little more than 4,000 last year.

Over the last few years we have covered the dangers posed by most new vaccines, including this years flu vaccine.

While it is clearly up to each individual person to decide whether or not the shot is good for them, the fact remains that the dangers are heavily downplayed in the corporate media and should be researched in-depth before any decision is made.

As John Galt noted in a recent report, it is extremely important to look at the facts before just going out and getting yourself and your family a flu shot.

Each year seems to hit a new level of hype surrounding the seasonal flu.

The pharmaceutical-media complex is drooling over the latest “outbreak,” which has resulted in Boston declaring a “Health Emergency” as highlighted in the video below and New York reaching epidemic proportions.

Additionally, nurses are being denied the right to refuse flu vaccinations, even on religious grounds, and are being fired for any resistance.

However, fine details are normally not the strong suit of corporate media, so that is where we must look before we decide to go into full-blown panic mode and start lining up to get jabbed with the latest vaccine concoction.

For instance, people are still getting sick and are dying even after getting the flu shot.

5 thoughts on “Severe Flu Strain Reaches “Epidemic Levels” In New York City

  1. Last year, staff at hospitals were required to get the flu shot but the
    doctors were not. Sounds a lot like discrimination.
    And what about the patients entering the hosp that have the
    flu and spread it all around. Flu shots do not protect. They’re just
    a guessing game.

    1. No guesswork involved. Some will just kill you slowly, some outright.

      By design.

      Never, EVER get flu shots, for ANY reason.

  2. The flu shot makes me very sick, for as much as two months. Tried three times. 2001, 2002, and 2006. I am more scared that some Libtard is going to make it illegal to not get the shot, than I am of catching the flu.

  3. I’ve never had the flu, and it’s probably because I never had the flu shot. If they make it mandatory, they can just add that law to the list, along with the new gun laws I’ll be ignoring.

    Their laws don’t matter anymore, because they’re treasonous pigs who belong in prison, which means they have no right to tell anyone what to do.

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