Sexiest Performer – You won’t close your eyes for a while!!!

Uploaded on Feb 6, 2011 by mrkaish29

me for many more Exclusive videos

8 thoughts on “Sexiest Performer – You won’t close your eyes for a while!!!

  1. Hey Steve… I don’t know what to think of that one… I do have a million jokes, but i think i’ll save them for others.. thanks for the smile anyhow.. best wishes

    1. Huh,you must not be aware that Im the slow one on this site and must insist that you speak in english as opposed to riddle me nonsense,if you got jokes lay em on me if not say what you mean and mean what you say.

  2. Damn! That girl must have been training all her life and did nothing but eat-sleep-and drink hula hoops. She looks like she’s living in a bubble with those hula hoops all around her. Good video.

    1. Hey NC ,wifey and me were watching leno the other nite and a couple did a lame hula hoop thing -girl standing on guys shoulders while each spinning one hoop and then I saw this hottie doing an incredible act and just thought all would enjoy.


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