SG1 Exposes the Secret Behind the Vaccine


October 11th, 2021.

Pregnant women and women of child-bearing age who want to have a baby must NOT take the experimental vaccine, and any children and youth must NOT get vaccinated. The experimental “vaccine” holds no benefit and children, young people, and teenagers are dying from the prematurely-authorized toxin-laden vaccines now.

One thought on “SG1 Exposes the Secret Behind the Vaccine

  1. This show proves all along all these CV agenda was so planned. I wish it were a show and I could turn it off. Wish I could say what I really would like to say here. Except, its only a matter of time, how far will the people allow this to go. Why are the other countries fighting back as we sit and watch and people say , “oh, thats not happening here, “ Why are some people in the light of truth and others go along to get along. I have never been so ashamed of Americans than I am now. Lets go!

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