Shady Sandy Hookers

The alleged slaughter that is claimed to have taken place at the Sandy Hook elementary school didn’t exactly catch me by surprise, because I was expecting an event like that to pop-up somewhere. The shootings at the Batman movie didn’t have the desired effect, so naturally, they were forced to try again, and since this one didn’t work out too well either, you should probably expect another mass shooting event within a few weeks.

My suspicions were confirmed as soon as the story started changing everyday, because I don’t believe that an army of detectives can examine a crime scene and be so utterly confused regarding what transpired there, but unfortunately, the TV-viewing pubic has been conditioned to believe whatever they’re told without question.

Those of us who don’t worship the TV god were skeptical because we’ve become accustomed to watching one hoax after another being played on the consumers of Zionist news, and several people made note of the many discrepancies that can be expected to arise when someone is shoveling verbal dung with a backhoe.

First the coroner reported that the kids were all shot with rifle bullets, but when the surveillance camera showed the patsy entering the school with no rifle, that medical diagnosis was changed to pistol bullets, and then we went from two pistols to four at the scene, because apparently the detectives became confused with the counting process and brought in a specialist.

The two back-up shooters (present at EVERY mass-shooting) were caught by local police, whose radio transmissions have them “proned out on the ground”, but they mysteriously disappeared and nothing’s been heard of them since. The police radio also broadcast the voice of the cop commander telling his troops “none of the cameras were working”, to provide them with the reason why we’re all supposed to rely on their lies for our information.

The discrepancies go on and on, from actors pretending to be bereaved parents, the fabricated histories of people involved, to the stories generated to explain whose car was found at the scene, but my favorite by far is the United Way’s appeal for donations for the shooting victims, which was posted on the internet a day BEFORE the alleged shooting took place. I guess you don’t want to waste any time when there are traumatized TV viewers to bilk money from during their emotional weakness. They’ll be remembered in the BS hall of fame next to the BBC reporter announcing the unexpected collapse of WTC7 while the building was still standing behind her.

If it’s not obvious enough that this Sandy Hook shooting was just another government psy-op, you can learn more by simply using your favorite internet search engine, but catching them in six or seven lies is enough to convince me they’re being slightly less than honest. What’s important here is to understand why this was done, rather than just know that we were lied to.

“Obviously”, you’ll say, “this was done to further their gun control agenda”, and you would be right, but the more important “why?” would ask why our government would go to such extreme measures to disarm its citizens? After all, if gun crime and mass shootings were a real problem, why would they be forced to fabricate one mass shooting after another in order to convince us of this? Couldn’t they just report on real shootings instead?

Well as it happens, there simply aren’t many shootings to report at all, and out of the few shootings that do occur, only a tiny number are capable of evoking much sympathy for the victims. To keep things in proper perspective, please remember that 6,700 people die of something or another every day in this country, so 8,400 gun deaths over the course of an entire year, in a pool of 300 million people, with almost as many guns, is statistically close to no shootings at all. Of the few gun deaths that do occur, 80% of them are suicides. In that same year, 11,000 people will have been killed with baseball bats, and absolutely none of those attacks are self-inflicted. More people are killed with hammers than guns every year, and properly prescribed prescription drugs (not counting medical malpractice) outnumber the gun killings by more than a factor of ten.

I could go on and on, but the point is that there is no shortage of statistical evidence that proves gun violence simply isn’t a problem in our society, but we’re continuously pounded with endless media messages telling us guns are evil, and we have to give up our firearms if we want to preserve any resemblance to a civilized society.

So why have we been subjected to lifetimes of anti-gun propaganda, and why would government agents fabricate traumatic events to sway public opinion against gun ownership if gun violence isn’t really a problem? What can their only other possible motive be for insisting that you be defenseless? Isn’t there only one logical answer?

All supporters of gun control measures fall into two categories. One group consists of a gang of Zionist criminals who have stated their desire to depopulate America, and have accomplished several genocides in the past, and the other group consists of citizens who know very little about history. No sensible citizen would oppose our constitution’s second amendment if he fully understood why it exists.

It’s easy to be opposed to private gun ownership, and it’s even easy to learn to despise people who own guns, provided of course, that you’ve been subjected to a life of media messages that taught you to associate guns with crime and violence. The fact of the matter is that if you hate blood and guts, war, violence and crime, the first reality you need to accept is that guns prevent far more of life’s ugliness than they cause, and a few victims of government-sponsored disarmament drama don’t hold much weight against the hundred million people slaughtered by their own governments in the last century, shortly after being disarmed, of course.

It would be nice to believe that the world would be a beautiful place of we could only rid ourselves of guns and violence, but this is a naive, childish fantasy, and responsible adults need to accept that evil people have always existed among us, and leaving yourself at their mercy is nothing short of stupid.

I hate violence too. That’s why I own a gun. I know better than to think there’s some kind of safety or security in being defenseless, and this fact should be obvious to anyone capable of exercising a little common sense and logic rather than being constantly swayed by emotional manipulation designed to convince you that guns are the root of all evil. The fact of the matter is that guns provide your only hope holding evil at bay. My gun has certainly never been used in any crime, and private gun owners prevent more than 2 million crimes every year.

How much crime do you encourage by being defenseless? If you go back to the statistics you’ll find that most crime consistently occurs in areas where there are fewer guns in the hands of private citizens, so far from my gun being the source of crime and violence, all the scientific data collected on the issue says that your refusal to own a gun is the real source of the problem. Please arm yourself so we might all live in peace.

On the subject of “gun control”, I’d only ask you to please stop allowing your opinions on the matter to be manipulated by TV drama, or fake news, and instead base them on scientifically collected data, and historic precedent, because that’s how intelligent people form sensible opinions.

The two sides of the debate aren’t in different political camps, or of different cultures. We’re all Americans at different points on a learning curve as we all dig through the mountain of lies that we’ve been buried under for our entire lives. Expect and accept that a lot of your present political views may be the result of receiving erroneous information from all sources. You never had the option of knowing the truth, until now.

—  Jolly Roger

“We can do without butter, but despite all our love of peace, not without arms.”  —     Paul Joseph Goebbels

 Anything written by Jolly Roger is the property of the American people, and the author hereby grants permission to copy, post, print, or distribute this article in its entirety wherever you choose to.  – J.R.  

7 thoughts on “Shady Sandy Hookers

  1. Guns and gun violence have NEVER been the problem it’s purported to be in this country. This issue pales in comparison to the true reason this country has fallen on such evil times, insofar as the populace is concerned (not the so-called ‘government’).

    The truth?

    In a word – TELEVISION.

  2. And as long as we’re talking about the truth here, I still don’t believe for one minute that ANYONE was actually killed at Sandy Hook.

    Smoke & mirrors.

    Lies & deception.

    That’s ALL these scumbags know.

    Good article, JR.

    1. There is more than meets the eye for sure with these mass shootings that have been happening these last few years – especialy Sandy Hook. Yep #1 I agree with ya also along with NC at 11:22 am.

  3. Thanks guys. I know I’m “preaching to the choir” here, but that was an attempt to pry some sense into “liberal” readers. People have told me that they print my articles and hand them to the sleepers, and waking up new people is always the goal. (thanks for posting it, Henry)

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