Shameplates: E-tags on license plates let DMV show your ‘suspended’ or ‘uninsured’ status

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South Carolina may give authorities direct access to anyone’s vehicle license plate as it considers switching to new electronic plates called e-tags. New technology allows the DMV to post messages across the license plates anywhere, anytime.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will have complete access to all e-tags to flag vehicles with expired insurance or suspended license plates and write messages such as “Suspended”“Uninsured”,“Amber Alert”, or “Stolen” across license plates.  

Authorities say the switch would improve highway safety by enabling the DMV to attract attention to cars violating road rules.

“We put that wording on the license plate across the top and, depending on how the state wants it, it could be in bright red, and we can actually flash the plate, have it flashing as it goes down the road,” co-founder of Compliance Innovations, which created the e-tags, Brian Bannister told WSPA 7.

This kind of technology is the first of its kind added the other co-founder of the company David Findlay.

“It’s not an LCD or an LED. What it’s made of is electronic paper. It’s a new technology that allows you to hold the image with no power whatsoever for over 10 years. The only time it needs power is when you’re changing the status or the image on the plate.”

The plates will get their power from car vibrations and solar power collected through a transparent film placed over the e-tag.

A majority of Americans (50.9 per cent) are against the implementation of electronic license plates, according to a US auto blog poll.

Compliance Innovations assures that the DMV will not be able track vehicles’ locations and will need three different court orders (to the DMV, cellular carrier and the company itself) to locate a vehicle.

At this point the project is at an early stage. Compliance Innovations still needs to reduce the size of the e-tag to make it fit into the license plate slot, and to lower production costs. Currently it costs over $100 to produce an e-tag, in comparison to $3 and $7 price tag to make a metal license plate.

Bannister and Findlay are proposing a pilot project, where the e-tags will be installed on all state-owned vehicles. Their argument is that the state will save $150 million a year once they have the ability to identify all cars that go unnoticed with expired tags or insurance.

California considered a similar project, but with pop-up advertisements in 2010, while Arizona conducted a 2008 cost-benefit study in 2008 comparing electronic license plates to standard ones. It did not go ahead with the project.

9 thoughts on “Shameplates: E-tags on license plates let DMV show your ‘suspended’ or ‘uninsured’ status

  1. OMG! This is so Big Brother, it’s not even funny and the sheeple will go for it because they are that stupid. So now they are just going to tell everyone you are a criminal on the road and any police in the vicinity will race to pull you over or look at your licence plate first as they go by? This is a Round Rock, TX cops wet dream, I tell ya. Total abuse of my 4th amendment rights. Shows I’m guilty until proven innocent. Hell, it is even against my 5th amendment rights of self-incrimination. But what does the government care? Let’s just piss on your Bill of rights and Constitution.

    F**K THEM ALL! I’m sick of this crap!

  2. America has become a post-constitutional republic.
    It’s now a zionist run communist tax farm.
    This is yet another tool to control the sheep.

    This is the result of communist propaganda pumped into the minds of students in America for the last 40 years.

    These plates will be worse than having a little yellow star.


  3. The old “safety trick.”
    “Authorities say the switch would improve highway safety…”
    Yep, the lemmings will go for this because it will “improve” safety.
    Are the roads so dangerous now with the current type of plates? Just how will this make the highways “safer”?
    Obviously this is another cash cow for the State confiscatory tax and fee system. The cops need more donuts and the “judges” want more for their retirement funds.
    Want to make the roads safer?
    Ban all cars!

    1. I see a lot of problems with this. Especially, if the government hackers want to paint a patsy sign on everyone. This will ensure more government false flags everywhere. If that’s what they want to go for, then those government officials deserve to be shot on sight. Do the politicians have any brains in their heads any more or are they pre-programmed? I’m thinking the latter.

      And if your license plates is hacked and says, “arrest me, you F**king pigs”, without you knowing, well then don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. Exactly! How about Obama’s Beast limo? Imagine the Beast’s car is named the Beast. Tell me that is not in your face and blatantly obvious.

  4. i also humbly suggest that all government plates bear “Douche Bag” to more correctly identify occupants, complying with the douche bag id act.

  5. The State of Washington already does this by telling you there is a new law requiring you to purchase a new license plate each 7 years because the plate coating loses it strength….. Hum, let’s see, the plate is registered to the owner of the car, the data base is automatically accessed & driver history pops up on electronic command without the Officer or operator request. Yup, Evil Elitist Big Brother at its’ little best!!!!! Fight for Liberty & Freedom

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