Sharpton feeding at trough in St. Louis

SharptonThe Black Sphere

Taking a page out of Race-Pimping 101, former FBI snitch-turned-preacher Al Sharpton appeared in St. Louis to speak on the death of Michael Brown.

What’s amazing is there are people who believe Sharpton adds to this discussion.

Can black Liberals trust a snitch? I would question if Sharpton is working for the FBI. Sharpton wants the pressure kept on, which translates to his ability to get a pay check.

Sharpton made a short statement on non-violence, as it is always good when race-pimping to allude to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr’s approach to peaceful demonstrations.

“Resist, we much!”


3 thoughts on “Sharpton feeding at trough in St. Louis

  1. Who cares what this sick-looking old black fart says! He’s so bigoted himself that he cannot see the truth. Or WILL not see the truth!

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