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Shemitah 2015 Demystified: Will The Economy Drop Like A Rock In September

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The Hebrew word Shemitah means to drop. In ancient Sumer and Babylon debts were periodically cancelled by the King. The reasoning was that the King needed an army to defend his kingdom. Unarmed debt slaves were of no use in battle.

The Book of Jeremiah was written long after the period which describes the Babylonian Captivity. The writer concluded one of the lessons learned was that they should have had Debt Cancellation back in Judah. You can read about Debt Cancellation in the Old Testament. They called it the Jubilee but it was something they never actually practiced. According to Dr Israel Finkelstein, the author of the Bible Unearthed, there never was a unified kingdom of Israel and Judah. There never was a Temple of Solomon. And there were only 1,600 people in Jerusalem at the time of David. The Jubilee and the Temple of Solomon existed only in the imagination of the Bible writers.  

Modern democracy fostered the illusion the people had become the Sovereign in place of the King. What that myth did was to make life better for the Bankers. In the Bad Old Days the king’s debts died with him. But the rise of democracy in Britain and the Netherlands meant that the people had become the sovereigns and their debts did not die with them. The reality is that the Banks have become the Sovereigns because they issue our currencies. Perpetual Debt became possible because public debts would live forever as the obligations of their offspring.

By comparison, the autocratic states of France and Spain suffered from an inability to finance modern military adventures. It is not an accident that the two great empires of the modern era were the British and American democracies.

Lost in all this history is the original economic boom created by Debt Cancellation.

The following is well known to my regular readers: A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. We have Debt Based currencies. You are not allowed to have paper money unless the government allows the Bank to create money and charge the government interest. Checking account money is created when someone takes out a loan and agrees to pay interest on what the Banker created out of nothing.

The downside is that when we pay off our debts we destroy money. For example, if a man pays off the $10,000 the Banker created for his used car loan, the total money supply has shrunk by $10,000. If twenty million people lose their jobs and file for bankruptcy, their loans are cancelled and the money supply shrinks accordingly. In a severe crisis a nation’s money supply can contract 30% almost overnight. That is a disaster.

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) equals the Money Supply times the Velocity of money. Velocity is the number of times money turns over in a year. If the Money Supply shrinks 30%, then you get that famous secondary wave of job losses, foreclosures and bankruptcies. The longest Depression in American history was in the 19th century and was called the Great Contraction.

Back to the Shemitah.

The Bible writers recognized the disaster inherent in failing to cancel Unpayable Debts. They used Biblical language to describe the failure to protect debtors from creditors. Judah fell to Babylon. A rabbi named Jonathan Cahn has written a book called the Harbingers which was on the New York Times best seller list for more than 2 years.

Rabbi Cahn sees a parallel between 8th century Judea and 21st century America. He said there  are 9 signs or harbingers of impending doom for Americans. As a rabbi working Gentile audiences, he talks about this Doom as the Wrath of God. Gone is the failure to cancel debts. In its place is Old Testament fire and brimstone because we have not repented as a nation. That is called bait and switch.

Rabbi Cahn is an Israeli. He went on a Christian TV show and said that the attack on America  on 911 was one of those parallels.  911 was a sign from God of His Wrath that would be poured out on this nation that has sinned. Cahn even tried to blame Iraq for the sins of ancient Babylon.

911 was many things but it definitely was not an attack sent by God. 911 was an Israeli operation. 19 Arabs with box cutters were supposed to hijack 4 planes without one American pilot being able to enter the 4 digit hijack code. And then the 4 planes flew over 8 US air bases without once being intercepted. World Trace Center Tower 7 was not hit by a plane but it fell down in 6.5 seconds. Larry Silverstein, his two adult children and his partner Frank Lowy, a former Israeli paratrooper, were supposed to be at work on 9-11-2001. Not one made it to work. What are the odds of that happening?

Another factor that increases America’s Unpayable Debts is the Divine Right of the Bankers to steal directly from government spending that the people are not allowed to audit. On September 10,2001 Donald Rumsfeld told CBS News that he could not trace $2.3 trillion dollars. The Comptroller of the DOD was Rabbi Dov Zakheim who had been the President of a company whose product, the command Transmitter System, enabled the operator to remotely control and fly multiple passenger airliners at one time. That explains how men who could not fly a single engine Cessna could fly jet airliners. They didn’t. Ground control did.

Bankers do not limit their thefts to the Pentagon. On March 22nd 2000 Susan Gaffney, the Housing and Urban Development Inspector General, testified before the House Governmental Affairs Committee detailing the 59.6 billion dollars that went missing from HUD during the previous two years. When asked if she did anything to recover the missing money, she said No. If we were equal to a Banker, we could have demanded audits. Years earlier Catherine Austin Fitts was at HUD under Bush I. She found one block in San Diego that had 20 million dollars in HUD guaranteed loans for buildings that never ever existed. All of these loans defaulted and were paid for by taxpayers who do not have the right to properly audit the books.

The remaining part of the Shemitah prophecy to debunk is the idea that the economy crashes on September 13, 2015. That is a Sunday. More likely would be 9-11-2015 the 14th anniversary of Israel’s attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or some time within a week or so afterwards. An attack on 9-11 this year would drown out the coverage of anything the 911 Truthers had to say. But the corporate media does a good job of doing that.

The world economy is suffering badly. We have more Unpayable Debts worldwide than anytime in history. We have kept those debts afloat by selling interest rate derivatives by the tens of trillions. Deutsche Bank said that we are keeping the stock market up because the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks are loaning money by the trillions at low rates. This enables corporations to buy their stock and drive it up. That qualifies executives for tens of millions of dollars in bonuses. Of course they might have to lay off ten thousand or more workers because their company has acquired too much debt and they do have to make some payments.

The Mossad would prefer you to believe that 19 Arabs attacked America on 911. And that the economy crashed in September of 2015 because Americans did not repent for the sin of not supporting Israel.

Will the economy crash in September? Who knows? We do know it will definitely crash soon enough. Wall Street and the City of London could make that happen at any time by triggering a bank default and causing a Credit Default Swap storm.

You don’t have to be a prophet or even a Believer to predict war or a stock market crash not with a government run of, by and for the Bankers and Israel.

We should follow this advice from the Bible:

“….not paying attention to Jewish myths and commandments…” Titus 1:14

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Below is a link that gives more details on Jonathan Cahn’s beliefs.

In summary, here are the 9 harbingers Cahn sees using Isaiah 9:10 and how they apply to both 8th century BC Israel and 21st century America:




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    The Bible unearthed by “Dr Israel Finkelstein”…
    that was enough for me to stop reading right there…

  2. NC says:

    “It is not an accident that the two great empires of the modern era were the British and American democracies.”

    Once again, America is NOT a democracy. It is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!! 😡

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