5 thoughts on “Sheriff: DICTATOR GOVERNOR is your BOSS

  1. Fascinating stuff, he is clarifying how they (their criminal corporate system) works… it is all subjective to the whims of their hierarchy.

    We understand all of this, this is the institutionalization of the maritime criminal global system, the sheriffs are supposed to be the peoples authority arm.

    He makes it clear he’s a crook.! This entire architecture must be eradicated and a complete restoration of our peoples laws, courts and Sheriffs that the people move, I’m sure these young folks have probably figured it out by now…

    But you can’t work in this system to somehow fix the very same, it is exactly why voting can’t and doesn’t work, as this crook with a badge clearly stated about the courts/lawyers/Governor…..

    This is what is at war with the people and our laws; The law is not a belief system u maggot crook cop, the bill of rights is our law…not the Con-stitution!!!!!!!!

  2. Ha!! Begging at the Shrine of Tyranny. Then finding out that in terms of our rights and what the “laws” say, we’re at the mercy of someone’s “interpretation” of said “laws”!! Seems to me there would be over 7 billion “interpretations” in the world if words didn’t have meanings. And at the end I just loved it when the woman said “As free people we get to decide what we do,” and the AUTHORITY NUT responded with, “No you don’t!!” Put it right out there: power gone wild. But even those two people, who were supposedly there to expose violations, went in kinda wimpishly and frivolously; it was like they were more impressed with what they were doing than actually trying to execute justice – and they certainly had opportunities to do so.


  3. Once again, at times like this, I refer to Thomas Paine’s quote:

    “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead”.

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