2 thoughts on “Sheriff Israel Question – Shooter Nicolas Cruz And His AR-15 Gun – Florida School Shooting

  1. If this asshole Florida cop thinks Americans should accept any proposed gun legislation, or this story itself, without out any proof, he’s smoking something naughty…
    Respect the privacy of the victims?…bullshit
    Scolding the public for wanting answers? Jam it buddy!.(right up there where your brains are)…

    No evidence? Then it didn’t happen. If it really did happen, we’d all be sick of the incessant 24/7 coverage by MSM. They’d act is if they just discovered a goldmine in their back yard. There would be no questions, absolute and indisputable proof would be abundant.

    (The guy who produced this video needs to study guns. He shows a bolt action and scoped hunting rifle and says it’s identical to a AR-15)

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