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Sheriff’s Department Definitely Needs a Mine-Resistant Vehicle for All Those Mines in Tennessee

Reason – by Joe Setyon

A sheriff’s department in Tennessee is the lucky recipient of a military-style mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle. This is a vehicle that the U.S. Army uses to weather improvised explosives, rocket-propelled grenades, and mines.

Here’s a photo, courtesy of the Tennessee Department of General Services: 


“It will be put to good use!!” the Greene County Sheriff’s Department replied.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act, the military can transfer excess equipment to local law enforcement agencies, largely for counter-drug and counter-terrorism activities. The big question, of course, is why police in Greene County, with a population of roughly 70,000, need a mine-resistant vehicle to fight the war on drugs. Are there a lot of land mines in Tennessee?

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users have had a field day with this:


I suppose if radicalized Iran-backed Appalachian insurgents start planting IEDs along Shiloh Rd between Tusculum and Greeneville, they’ll be ready?

— Todd Breasseale (@TBreassealeDHS) April 12, 2019

If the deputies run into any RPGs, they should post a photo of that too. Til then, I think those angry tweeters have a point.


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8 Responses to Sheriff’s Department Definitely Needs a Mine-Resistant Vehicle for All Those Mines in Tennessee

  1. Jim says:

    Same thing here locally – According to the article, police are using this thing one and a half times a day??

    Calgary police unveil new armoured vehicle

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    and they really believe they will have full control over these types of vehicles when the shit hits the fan ?

    LMFAO ..good luck With that

    and it would take a fool to believe these vehicles cant be taken over , over run or 4G war acquired

  3. Bill D. Wahl says:

    Looks like a Dutch oven for cooking pork.

  4. H D says:

    A few tree drop in right place Koyote and we have a slow cooker

  5. Bill in ILL says:

    Couldn’t stand to read some of the cop sucker comments, people begging for their chains make me throw up

    • Mark Schumacher says:

      Hi bill

      Iisplaced your contact info, I keep forgetting your right here in Illinois. Really sorry I havent been in touch. I just started with a new employer, new truck, really nice unit. I’ve contacted Henry for your info, we need to get together man.


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