Sheriffs plan to put feds back in their place

130520sheriffrichardmackzWND – by Drew Zahn

Sheriffs and peace officers from across the country will be meeting with likeminded supporters for a national convention focused on one goal: restoring constitutional rule in the United States of America.

From May 31-June 1, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, or CSPOA, will be meeting in St. Charles, Mo., for its Heartland of America Conference.  

The purpose of the conference is to equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with information and public support to carry out their oaths of office – specifically, to uphold the U.S. Constitution – recognizing that in the case of federal overreach, the county sheriff may be the last line of defense in protecting Americans’ constitutional rights.

“We are going to train and vette them all, state by state, to understand and enforce the constitutionally protected rights of the people they serve, with an emphasis on state sovereignty and local autonomy,” explains CSPOA Founder and Executive Director Sheriff Richard Mack. “Then these local governments will issue our new Declaration to the Federal Government regarding the abuses that we will no longer tolerate or accept. Said declaration will be enforced by our Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers.

“In short,” Mack says, “the CSPOA will be the army to set our nation free.”

Mack is more than familiar with fighting federal overreach. The former sheriff of Graham County, Ariz., in 1994 Mack joined six other sheriffs in challenging a provision of the federal Brady Bill placing the burden of its background checks on local sheriffs. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to strike down the provision.

Police Chief Larry Kirk of Old Monroe, Mo., told WND, “In the past few years we have seen many of the citizens of this country become concerned over the direction it has taken. We have watched personal rights being eroded and a disconnect developing between citizens and officers working in law enforcement.

“I wanted to find other officers that shared my concerns,” he continued. “I wanted to be able to work with our sheriffs and other peace officers in educating the citizens and others in our career field on the powers of the sheriff’s office and what is needed for us to stand on guard to protect our rights and those of our fellow citizens. The CSPOA is the organization at the front of this movement.

“The people of my state are seeing the overreach of government at the federal level and want to know where their sheriffs will stand,” he concluded. “The people of this state need to hear this message, and the sheriffs of this state need to hear it. Sheriffs and officers need the support of their communities, and we need to support them. This is the organization that can help educate us all on the proper roles that we should play and what we can do to stop the encroachment on our liberties and unalienable rights.”

Sheriff Mack further told WND, “In view of the culture of corruption, which seems so prevalent in Washington, many Americans are searching for hope and solutions that are both effective and peaceful. The purpose of the CSPOA convention is to offer absolute evidence that both indeed exist. Each attendee will leave with this evidence and a renewed hope that restoring liberty in America is not only possible, but already underway!”

The convention, to be held at the Ameristar Hotel in St. Charles, Mo., is free to all public officials and open to the public at large.

The trailer for a video featuring previous convention speakers can be seen below:

“We already have hundreds of police, sheriffs and other officials who have expressed a desire to be a part of this holy cause of liberty,” Mack explains.

In fact, CSPOA maintains a growing list of – at last count – 18 state sheriffs associations and over 450 sheriffs across the country already taking a stand against what they perceive as attempts by the Obama administration to enact unconstitutional gun-control measures.

As WND reported, Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is among those after telling a local radio host the federal government is “going to have a problem” if they expect him to confiscate guns from private citizens.

“I took [multiple] oaths of office, and they all say I will defend the Constitution of the United States,” Arpaio told Mike Broomhead of KFYI Radio in Phoenix, Ariz. “Now if they’re going to tell the sheriff that he’s going to go around picking up guns from everybody, they’re going to have a problem. I may not enforce that federal law.”

Broomhead pushed the man sometimes called “America’s toughest sheriff” even further, asking Arpaio if the feds passed a law banning ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, would his deputies confiscate such magazines?

“No,” Arpaio said. “My deputies, I said before, I’m going to arm all my deputies – a month ago I said before this – with automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons. We’re going to be able to fight back. … I don’t care what they say from Washington.”

Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America, told WND he supports sheriffs taking a tough stand.

“The county sheriffs need to act and make new deputies to stop federal authority in the counties,” Pratt said. “There is a misconception in our time that the court somehow is the arbiter of what is constitutional; that’s not true! Every official that raises their right hand and says they’re going to adhere to the constitution, seek to protect it to the best of their ability, ‘so help me God’ – that’s something that they’re all obligated to do.”

17 thoughts on “Sheriffs plan to put feds back in their place

  1. For anyone paying attention, this is where the first shot of the next revolution will be fired (either actual or metaphorical), This current federal cabal simply can not let this movement gain any traction.

    Although with the history of their usual tactics, their response will be too heavy handed or transparent, and have the opposite reaction once the initial press massaging of it gets threadworn and the internet “alternative” press becomes more influential.

  2. I will give the sheriffs full support AFTER I see them stop violating our other rights that provide a profit for the departments.

    When they publicly announce they will stop giving out speeding tickets that violate our right to travel. When they give back to the Federal government those toys that bind them to Federal government unwritten contracts. When they respect peoples property. When the Sheriffs respect these small things, I will then support them in their fight against the Federal Government. It looks like the Sheriffs are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

    1. As sheriffs continue to get educated as to their purpose and role to the people, they should stop violating the people’s rights. That is why Mack is and continues to educate. Stay optimistic, the people are armed; our first and last line of defence.

      1. The flip side of this is that it is making more voters informed of the power of the sheriff to protect the Constitution. This will cause them to become more aware of who is getting put into that office instead of it becoming a stepping stone for the next good old boy with political ambitions, or as the center of nepotism/cronyism in county politics.

        That is why the federal establisment must destroy or neuter the power of the sheriff before more Constitutionally minded people get elected to that office.

        It should also be a wakeup call as to the importance of local politics to the voters.

  3. Calling ALL sheriffs! You existed thousands of years before the constitution.
    You are literally outside of the constitution, and your standing is with we the people. We support you as you support and stand with us! Stand up as men, and do not cower, we’ve got your back.

    1. Hahaha,…

      A simple, but eloquent response by JR,.. that I share in sentiment.

      JD – US Marines – I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one either….

      1. Agreed. LOL
        I’d be curious to find out if any sheriffs from our two states (NY and NJ) are in attendance at this meeting.

  4. If you were to read the Act of 1871 you would see that the Elitists tried another of their Greed Money Power Grabs, but, if you read the content you’ll see that the Gov’t policy implementing rests on The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (in caps). The Gov’t has no real power beyond a 5 mile radius of Wash., DC. Read & see how the caps phrase makes a difference & once again how corrupt it is! The real phrase is the united states of America. There are so many scams perpetrated by the existing & past govt’s that it’s nearly impossible to find them all. Recently there was a 12 yr old girl that traced the genetic structure of all our Presidents & found that all, save one, were related to the UK Royal Monarchy. Tell you anything about the influence there to our elected officials? The best way to win this is through EXPOSURE, all the Elitists cannot stand it & will crawl back into their holes as cowards usually do!!!! Now you know why I continue to say, “THE REAL CONSTITUTION IS RIGHT—-LIBERTY IS LIFE”

  5. Call my cynical if you must,but I will believe the cops and sheriffs are on the right side when they stop this police state which they are ALL taking part in, in this country.This LEO power grab is out of control all over this country right now and all but the blind can see it! That Boston fiasco was only a snap shot of whats to come and it was all over 2 people.This government is out of control at all levels and its now right in our collective faces!

  6. I just watched The Bourne Legacy for the first time; it really makes one think, just like the earlier installments. I stand with the Sheriffs.

  7. sheriffs that I have seen and I lived in a lot of states act like mafia dons and are really “legal” crime gangs. especially in south fla. if you research some of these guys you will see they break into houses sometimes the wrong ones shoot dogs and the owners beat up women on the side of the road then cover it up. if people think a sheriff will ride in on a white horse like john wayne and save the day better wake up

  8. And how many foggy-headed American sheeple demand a recall of their sheriff when they are found to be in violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution? I sure haven’t heard of any. Maybe “we the people” start standing up for ourselves instead of waiting for the non-existent guys in the white hats. I have the God-given right to self defense, as protected by the 2nd article, and I don’t need “no stinkin’ badges”.

  9. I believe the Sheriffs here in L.A. will ALL be on board with this.


    In a pig’s eye! (yes)

  10. I saw this article over the weekend. Will this work? See video below.

    Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 8:13 PM
    Subject: FW: Supreme Court Validates People’s Rights to Establish Common Law Grand Jury
    Subject: The Common Law 4th Branch Of Government-Legally Is The Common Law Grand Jury — Voted 6 to 3 Decision In The U.S. Supreme Court– Already started in CA and NY.
    Click to listen

  11. I agree we need to return sovergnity to the States and People. Primairly the people. I see what is happening as the foundation for what would be required to force all to pledge allegence or not be permitted to even buy or sell necessities of life – Revelations stuff.

    Yet, I recently witness Sheriff’s misconduct first hand. A mentally disabled young man was aproached, jumped three officers held him down while another pounded on his face. It was explained that that is what they are trained to do until the person obeys when they tell them not to move. Yet, what is the difference between beating a dog that don’t sit when told to – It is a procesing and confusion issue, not choice not to obey, for many disabled. Why was this young man being stoped? For his own protection! He was suspected of no public offense. The officers merely thought that with his obvious mental disability he might harm himself somehow. In spite of his father and caregiver assuring them he was ok!

    In talking with Judge, very well respected attorney’s, and community leaders, it became apparant that they were all fearful of the Sheriff’s retaliation. That mafia style code of conduct – nobody reports unlawful conduct by one of us or them and their family, whenever violates the code – by reporting a crime by one of them, they face intimidation, threats, harassment and violence. “We all stick together and protect each other”. I am informed that nation wide, such common street gang with a badge mentality is indicative of law enforcement.

    Can you image how much worse it will be if Obama gets his first year agenda of a National Police force as well funded as the US Military when he took office? Already, they persecute those who speak out against their agenda, target those with differing political ideology . . .

    1. Of Course, out of 8 officers, this one was designated the only one who would transport the victim of his violence for medical treatment – Having witnessed the offense I made a citizen’s arrest to stop him from taking the young man off by himself. Of course, the other Sheriff’s present not only did not enforce the citizen’s arrest, but supported his escape with the victim of his aggravated assault. Luckily, the family knows attorneys who could call, within a few minutes on a Saturday. With a call to the watch commander, the young man was interrogated then taken to the hospital. The hospital talked to the young man and officer, concluded the officer was excessively violent and called family to come get the young man overriding the 72 hour mental health evaluation hold placed by the officers, as he was obviously not a danger to self or others.

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