Shock Footage: Marine Captures UFO Destroying Taliban Base: “Unlike Any Known U.S. Military Drone”

advanced-military-weaponSHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

The following video footage reportedly taken in March by a U.S. Marine on the outskirts of a Taliban base in Afghanistan shows that the United States may have weapon systems that have heretofore never been seen by anyone outside of the compartmentalized development teams that built it. Either that or an extraterrestrial species has decided to get involved in the war on terror.  

The video starts with a Marine recording what appears to be an unidentified aircraft hovering over the base, perhaps half a kilometer or so away. Within milliseconds of lights flashing from its underbelly a massive set of explosions rocks the base. After the smoke clears the video zooms in on the object, revealing a triangle shaped saucer-like aircraft often seen in science fiction movies.


According to Mail Online, the mysterious craft is unlike any known U.S. military drone or plane.

While we can’t rule out the possibility that the unidentified flying object is of extraterrestrial origin, the close proximity of US troops suggests someone may have called in an airstrike, and perhaps the chain of command wanted to test out some of the weapons systems the US has secretly developed at underground military bases like Area 51.

While it might seem crazy, watch the video (via Drudge Report) for yourself and decide if this is a standard military aircraft or if we’re dealing with an advanced (alien or human) technology:

(Watch at Youtube)

The timing of the video release is interesting as well. Earlier this week we highlighted the possibility that Russian Strategic Bombers flying along the West Coast may have used advanced technology to take down the Los Angeles LAX airport flight control system causing hundreds of delays and cancellations. If this is in fact what happened, it may have been a show of force to Western powers that Russia has systems capable of striking at the electronic heart of America.

But, given the video footage captured above, Russia isn’t the only country in the world with advanced military technology.

Strategic relocation specialist Joel Skousen, in a documentary with Alex Jones, suggested that East would one day meet West in a nuclear war. He noted that the reasons for why Russia and China have hesitated thus far is because they are unfamiliar with the advanced weapons systems developed by the U.S. military and that they fear being wiped out by these new technologies.

With tensions flaring up around the world, especially in the eastern European region, the timing of this video suggests it may have been disseminated through news channels as a warning to other countries that the U.S. does, in fact, have systems so advanced they could render the assets of any foreign military useless.

Whether the aircraft captured in the video above is of human origin or not, one thing’s for sure: It will certainly have widespread implications on the modern-day battlefield.

21 thoughts on “Shock Footage: Marine Captures UFO Destroying Taliban Base: “Unlike Any Known U.S. Military Drone”

  1. The author of the article needs to get a grip. That’s a stealth plane or a drone, not a UFO. Just look at the wings, for cryin’ out loud. It’s not like we haven’t seen this kind of plane before.

    1. UFO are just the initials for Unidentified Flying Object, that does not mean it has to be from another planet…Lol! Somebodies been watching too much Syfy…

  2. repurposed combat footage.

    this ‘Section 51’ youtube user, is apparently an amateur CGI hobbyist, who seems to have a preference for re-purposing other videos from elsewhere to get more views.

    if you dont believe me, browse his other videoes and take notice that, stylistically, the UFO’s in question are usually small, fuzzy and ill-defined, and always in the distant background.

    Any craft that are not kept far away from the films perspective, are blatantly CGI, and/or are typically readily identifiable as a fictitious spacecraft from a fairly popular movie or videogame.

  3. I disagree. Although it vaguely resembles a stealth F177, it does appear to move like one. Could be the video, but I saw no exhaust plumes from the missiles that had been fired, or tracers from a automatic weapon if it was from a stealth. Not sure what that was, could be a stealth, could be some DARPA creation set loose to wreak havoc on the world. I certainly don’t think an alien species would get involved in man’s immature behavior.

  4. My own personal opinion is that it was faked. I have been in the same situation as these guys. Some giant ordinance is found, engineers go rig it and we baby sit them while they blow it. Personally, I believe that the “space ship” was added with computer effects. Could be wrong, but just my observation.

  5. Come “F”ing on people…so CGI and not well done. Hey even the CIA have figured out photoshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More FEAR propaganda!!!!

    1. I wound agree…the guy recording just happened to be there at the right time? Wonder if this is the only video shot, surely not if true.

    2. That may verywell be a CGI film clip. Absolutely right. On the other hand many people including myself have seen with our own eyes similar vehicles. Some people I’ve talked to have seen other types than this, but had similar flight characteristics. They move like hell on wheels. Good point about the CGI. It could be a hoax film, but what many of us have witnessed was no hoax. Alien? Who knows? I rather doubt it. I’d bet its home grown. I’d also bet the other major powers on this world have this aerospace tech also.

  6. Seen one of these(I think) outside Fallon NV sep2011.

    IT was night but not too dark and shaped 80ft-left side x 80ft-right side x 60ft-backside. It was triangle shape, about 15-20ft thick. IT floated over the interstate 600-800ft or so. going slow and it turned very mechanically in a pivot motion and landed. It landed going very slowly backwards as it descended. Flat/level the whole time. The motion was close to a helicoptor but flat always. The shape in the dark was delta wing. But what it did in front of me was crisper than either at the same time and moving 5-20mph as it landed.

    My only UFO experience.
    -Worth noting my over 1 year USN western pacific sea time as an aircraft fixer-upper.

    1. Id suggest staying away from the mushrooms while in the desert….can make you SEE THINGS that are not there…

      1. Be that as it may, UFOs are real.

        That’s not to say they’re ‘aliens’ from another planet, however.

  7. CORRECT.. Fixed Wing Fighter Jet…
    Saw such aircraft at March AFB, CA “Air Show..” as early as 1989.
    Not a UFO..

  8. Update from SHTF Plan.

    Update: The video posted below and sourced via the UK’s Mail Online, Huffington Post, The New York Daily News, and Drudge Report is apparently a hoax. We have chosen to keep it available for users who may still be interested in viewing it, reading the commentary and joining the community discussion. Our sincerest apologies for any confusion this may have caused. When numerous credible alternative media and mainstream sources carry a particular report or video we generally assume, wrongly in this case, that it is legitimate. Thank you to the readers who have commented and emailed about this report to advise us that it may not be representative of the events as they actually happened.
    . . .

  9. Seen one of these vehicles, and their flight capabilities. I was sharing the same airspace it was. I looked for USAF markings, but couldn’t see any. It was hovering above the ground in the N-California countryside below me, and then it accelerated so darn fast it was literally gone in an instant. This is the technology that has been withheld from all of us by this criminal government. I’ve spoken to other pilots who’ve seen similar vehicles also.

    Even with space vehicles like this with some sort of scalar weaponry they have not really defeated the Afghans, nor really Iraq for that matter. What this means is that it confirms what many of us have long suspected and makes it even more imperative we “DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM”. They would use them on us in a heart beat.

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