Shocking Video Shows 2 Men Beaten & Robbed While Women Twerk Over Unconscious Bodies

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Shocking footage from a security camera in Chicago’s expensive River North neighborhood (which hosts restaurants, shops and art galleries, among other businesses) explicitly reveals how bad the city’s crime problem has gotten. In the video, two men can be seen being viciously kicked and beaten by a group of young men, who strip them of their shoes, empty their pockets, and – before it’s all over – twerked over the victims’ unconscious bodies.

According to a local Fox affiliate, the two men were attacked on State Street near Kinzie at about 0130 local time on Saturday morning.

The first victim could be seen arguing with some of the attackers before a punch was thrown, and he was quickly knocked down and beaten.

Then, the video shows the second man walking by, minding his own business when he was sucker punched and beaten to the ground.

At one point, as the victims are laying in the street, some women block traffic just a few feet away so they can twerk.

The men were stripped of virtually all their belongings, with the attackers even taking their shoes.

Businesses say the security situation in the popular Chicago neighborhood, which is teeming with nightlife, has deteriorated substantially since the start of the pandemic. The manager of a cigar shop in the area told Fox 32 that they’re now forced to close before 2200 on Friday and Saturday, because the area becomes to dangerous to operate in.

A worker at a nearby Subway shop spoke to a news crew and demanded that the mayor “do something about this.”

Police say they’re racing to identify suspects from the video.

3 thoughts on “Shocking Video Shows 2 Men Beaten & Robbed While Women Twerk Over Unconscious Bodies

  1. Legal open carry would stop that stupidity!
    Another annoyance.
    Looked like blacks attacking whites.
    Bet if it had been blacks getting beat by whites it would be considered racism and al over the National news.

    1. Shove your race baiting up your ass.
      American nationals, just like Marxists and Bolsheviks, come in all colors.
      You’re not going to get a race war and this is not going to be a goddamn civil war. This is going to be the individual free sovereign nationals enforcing the supreme superior law of we the people, and any mother f-ker who tries to make it anything else is an enemy to our cause. You have to be pretty f-king nimble minded to play into this race war bullshit anyway.
      Don’t do this again on this site.

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