2 thoughts on “Shooting Cops

  1. What is legal?
    Believe it or not everything Hitler did was LEGAL. All you have to do is pass a law and it becomes legal. Is it lawful, ethical or even moral well maybe but maybe not. Say a law is passed that law enforcement can shoot the legs off anyone jaywalking. It becomes legal but is it right? Of course not but then again it is legal.

    Over the course of this country’s existence laws have been passed that most people are not aware of. You can look them up like the one a town passed that it is illegal to place an ice cream cone in your pocket. You have to wonder where that came from. However, not many pay attention to the ridiculous. Yet when some law either by vote or executive order is found to be incomprehensible we don’t bat an eye. Obama recently EO the killing of people for any reason. He claimed it was not intended for American citizens yet that is exactly who he meant. This is legal but certainly not lawful. The rule of law would never permit this if the rule of law was in force. I do not believe the rule of law exists anymore, we lost that.

    It is said we deserve what we get when we allow whatever the state demands, it is true we do. If we fail to stand then we cower. I do not promote violence at any time except when one is threatened. At some time or another one must STAND. We have the right to defend our life and all it entails.

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