Shot, crushed, drowned: Military training deaths revealed by MoD


Damning new figures reveal the scale of training deaths across the armed forces, with 125 soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen killed since 2000 in shooting, crushing and drowning incidents.

The army proved to have the worst record for training fatalities with 86 deaths. The Royal Navy, which includes the Royal Marines, have suffered 22 deaths during exercises in the last decade and a half.  

Also in that period, 17 members of the Royal Air Force (RAF) were killed during training.

A Ministry of Defence (MoD) spokesperson told the International Business Times: “It will always be necessary to train and test our military personnel to the highest possible level so that they can meet the challenges to national security that we face both in the UK and overseas.

Achieving this end does involve individuals having to push themselves and take some risks. However, as an organization, we must ensure that this is balanced with the need to ensure these risks are effectively mitigated.

The fatalities are attributed to a range of factors. The new MoD figures include those of service people whose cause of death is still unconfirmed.

Fusilier Dean Griffiths of the 1st Battalion, the Royal Welsh, was killed by gunfire in September 2011 during a firing exercise, while in April 2014, Private Cameron Laing of the Royal Logistic Corps was crushed by a truck in Okehampton, Devon.

Another serviceman was also reported to have drowned during a river crossing exercise.

The figures come only a week after an inquest found the deaths of three trainee SAS reservists in 2013 was due to a failure by training staff “to properly organize and manage” a punishing route march over a Welsh mountain, which took place in scorching temperatures and with inadequate medical and logistical support.

In May, trainee Royal Marine officer Lieutenant Gareth Jenkins, 25, collapsed and died during a selection march. The cause of his death is still being investigated.

5 thoughts on “Shot, crushed, drowned: Military training deaths revealed by MoD

  1. “The army proved to have the worst record for training fatalities with 86 deaths. The Royal Navy, which includes the Royal Marines, have suffered 22 deaths during exercises in the last decade and a half.”

    Collateral damage.

    They know that with the state of the economy being what it is, there are plenty of (desperate) useful idiots to replace them.

  2. This is about the UK. They must be afraid to list the ones for the US. Your right #1 there are plenty that think is is their duty to serve. I thought this way for a long time until I woke up to the realization that I had been duped under the patriotic duty BS. It always seems to happen during a training exercise, but I can tell you first hand that when you are at a classified location and something happens, next of kin will be notified it was a training exercise.

    1. I was Vietnam era, REDHORSE.

      I declined their invitation to register for the draft after seeing all the morons who did, then burned their draft cards and subsequently went to jail.

      I still consider it to be the most intelligent decision I made as a teenager.

  3. Information like this is what actually sells the military to young males age 18-25. They are known risk takers in an effort to attract a mate via bravado. The “strongest” survive and are perceived to be of the best breeding stock.

    Unfortunately, the brains are not accounted for in this scenario. Grey hair is eventually understood in this equation, as those who have it are evidently wise enough or lucky enough to have survived it or not to have put themselves into such precarious situations in the first place.

    The elite constantly exploit human nature such as hormones, fear, pity, self-preservation, power, patriotism and financial security. They know you’ve got at least one of these things that take precedence over the rest and will use it to their advantage under any circumstance.

    Knowing they are attempting to manipulate you is key in your response. My point in this is actually about all the hoaxing and the illusion of boogeymen lone wolfs. The elitists have been keen enough in luring the young people to do their will. Don’t be an unsuspecting foot soldier for these bastards by buying their lies.

    They will use you and discard you just the same and you too will have that moment of sudden realization at the edge of the ditch. You will have helped the enemy because they were able to take control of the aforementioned human traits.

    Don’t fall for the same tricks the kids have and be a part of the solution, not the problem.

  4. some of it is down to stupidity.

    i know of 3 people who got crushed,
    they decided to sleep under a tank because it was raining.

    nobody told them that 80+ tons tends to sink into wet grass!!!

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