11 thoughts on “Shot in the Dark | Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  1. I just found out a friend of mine took the jab on the 3rd.
    I tried to inform him, and am fkg pissed!
    Why people need ears if their brain don’t work?!

    1. Sorry about your friend
      As Dr. Tenpenny mentioned people take the shot to have their conveniences back. That makes it obvious to me those people have no clue of the agenda afoot.

  2. Finally! Information on the J&J vaccine is in the video posted above. I am not taking ANY covid19 vaccine.

  3. Dr. Tenpennys video was removed from YouTube. I started sharing the video to everyone I knew, come to find out YouTube which I can’t freaking stand, deleted it. I’m so sick of them removing videos and people’s comments bc their speaking truth. Freedom of speech we no longer have anymore. Ridiculous!

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