SHTF: 10 Reasons to Own a 22LR Firearm and 22LR Lethality

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The next video is not going to be popular with many, but I would submit the fact that mafia hit-men long preferred .22s for their assassinations. A big part of that was, admittedly, because of the comparatively lesser noise report of that ammunition and the obviously unwanted attention attracted by a louder firearm; but, it was also because the .22 caliber round is known to bounce-around inside people’s skulls, making minced-meat out of their brains. It can be very lethal with either proper shot-placement and/or multiple shots. A .22 in a home invader’s leg probably isn’t gonna save your life, but 7 of them in the guy’s chest probably will. A shotgun is still the best home defense gun, in my opinion, but some folks aren’t physically-capable of firing a shotgun or a high-caliber handgun, so we need to look at other possibilities.

A bit of bad language in some of the videos below, so beware.


Surprisingly good results from 300 yards out shooting at a 4-5″ thick piece of chuck roast that isn’t even 100% thawed-out, wrapped in 8 layers of denim (4 in front 4 in back) to simulate thick clothing and all duct-taped together in a bundle:

Same guy and same brand of ammunition as above, but with a 22LR pistol, and shooting through a 4-5″ thick chicken and jugs of water with terrycloth to simulate clothing:


4 thoughts on “SHTF: 10 Reasons to Own a 22LR Firearm and 22LR Lethality

  1. When the final gun grabs occur, the people at your door will be in body armor. A .22 LR with a 30 rd mag will do nothing, unless you are skilled to put all bullets into the faces and hands of your targets (I witnessed a skilled cop do the latter: a single .357 Mag bullet shot the gun out of the baddie’s hand). I used to hit running bunny’s at 50 yds with a .22 LR, and always reflected on how much easier a target a man would be. The .22 LR has it’s uses, since there is no recoil. A pistol with .22 shorts would be good for walk-by “work”. For SHTF, a .22-250 would be a good choice. Work up loads that attain 4000 fps, and that little bullet will melt through ceramic body armor. Using a milspec scope, zero it at 150 yds, and you have a flat shooter past 300 yds (3 football fields). I used to shoot a Rem 700 in this caliber, with no noticeable kick (at least compared to a .308 or .300 Win Mag). This is a true multipurpose round. I took a pronghorn at approx 300 yds, and he barely made 20 yds before dropping dead. I would save my .22 LR for small game, and unarmored assailants, and the .22-250 for the more difficult targets.

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