Shut Down the Ports Protest Cancelled

Shut Down All Ports Border Protest CancelledPROTEST IS CANCELLED…..PROTEST IS CANCELLED……

There has been an unsubstantiated threat of mass violence to attendees, along with very suspicious activity on the Facebook site. These two items are more than enough for me to immediately stop any protest that was going to occur.

Your lives, and the lives of our law enforcement, are more important than any protest.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but we must remain safe and not put anyone in danger. If you attend, you are not just putting yourself in danger, but the law enforcement officers, as well. They are there to watch you, the protesters against you and the unknown threat. That is not the purpose of this event! Risking anyone’s life is not worth it!  

Please pass the word along to everyone!

Stasyi Barth

10 thoughts on “Shut Down the Ports Protest Cancelled

  1. The reason(s) they chose to cancel, is exactly the reason(s) they should be protesting.

    This is like a book store cancelling sales of a book and then stating, “In respect for Islam, we . .”

    I’m glad I paid not one moment of attention to this event.

  2. “I apologize for the inconvenience, but we must remain safe and not put anyone in danger. If you attend, you are not just putting yourself in danger, but the law enforcement officers, as well.”

    Okay. Obviously this was a pink-panty protest from the beginning, so it’s just as well that you sniveling cowards stay home where you can’t get hurt. The leader of your group is a cowardly moron whose main concern is protecting the “law enforcement officers” who kill and beat the crap out of innocent Americans on a daily basis.

    This is a group of useless, brainwashed idiots who need to go back to their TV sets where it’s safe, and the government can program more happy thoughts for them. They’re useless, counter-productive, and only getting in the way of any real progress in this struggle.

    Don’t organize anymore “protests” until you’re ready to grow a pair of huevos, and pull the phallus out of your fundamental orifice, you useless, sissy bitches.

    1. You are right JR, I think this girl is a shill and this was all staged. This is a psy-warfare game, pure manipulation of the media and the people, Fear, this is a win win for the Evil traitors.

  3. There are thousands of American citizens living in Mexico and working in the United States who commute across the border everyday because they cannot afford to pay the high rents in the U.S. that would have been drastically affected by a protest of this kind. Anyway, I believe this protest was not canceled because of the supposed threats, but in my opinion it got canceled by the lack of response from the public. It was a deranged idea from the start.

  4. Right. Risking life and limb to renew freedom and liberty as with the 3 percent or so who fought the Crown of England for liberty is not worth it.

    Stasyi, which intel org do you work for? CIA, FBI, NSA…or do you actually work for the cartels?

  5. Something about this whole thing stinks….This sounds to me like a false flag event meant to again, brain wash the stupid… Let’s try this again with our guys ready to spray lead.

  6. “Risking anyone’s life is not worth it!”

    Well then, I guess we shouldn’t go to war and just let them overrun us. How about that?

    And she calls herself a true patriot.

    What a joke!

    I wanna know who this woman is and why she did what she did at the same exact time that the militia were going to shutdown the ports.

    This whole thing was suspicious from the start. It’s is a smokescreen.

    She was probably paid to stop the militia from shutting down the ports and she accomplished just that. So now it’s time for her to get paid and go home.

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