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Fair and honest elections are one of the greatest Rights we as Americans have and cherish. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that Right today there is a monopoly on the vote reporting. It is called News Election Pool .There is no check and balance. There is no competition.

The purpose of this site is to provide a check and balance to the Main Stream Media’s (MSM) reporting. We are taught even as young children, one of the great difference between America and the many oppressive dictatorship in the world, is the fact that we have honest elections, were we can elect our candidates to represent We the People as opposed to the people living under these dictators . We go to war to spread democracy, to help free these people and set up free elections. Most recently Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, we have been told, to topple these dictators and spread democracy. Whether this is one of the main reason or not for going to war, most Americans and all honest candidates  would agreed we want to insure we will have honest, transparent vote counting and transparent reporting of our vote.

This is the goal of . It is a free site, set up for We the People. We are non-partisan and would like to invite any American citizen that believes in a transparent vote to join us. We have sent out a request to all the Presidential candidates to support us in this effort.

We will be starting with the Iowa GOP caucus- January 3, 2012 . Then the NH GOP primary- January 10, 2012. If you will be at an Iowa precinct caucus or a NH voting place on those dates and are willing to volunteer as an independent reporter, we need your help. All you will need is a camera or camera phone to upload the official vote results to this site. It is pretty simple and does not take much time. You will first need to sign up here and agree to the Terms of Service.  (We need to be assured only photos of the official vote documents are uploaded.)

Below is some history of what happened 4 years ago and what you can do today. We believe you will also see why this project is vitally necessary in keeping our elections honest and transparent.

IOWA– Iowa has 1,774 precincts. We will need 1,774 or more volunteer news reporters, at least one at each precinct, armed with a digital camera or camera phone that will photo and upload the official results from that precinct to Four years ago, Liberty News Network, which no longer exits, attempted this. Although, they only had a few hundred volunteers participating in Jan. 2008 Iowa caucus, it shook the monopolistic Establishment Media to it’s core! The problem is News Election Pool  is where ALL the MSM get their results. They had never had ANY competition before in reporting the election results. For example, leading up to Caucus night, all these false polls had one particular candidate at 3%. When the precincts started reporting and posting to Liberty News Network, the MSM were reporting the same numbers as Liberty News Network ! This candidate was getting between 12-14% It kept them honest! . We believe the MSM eventually saw they did not have all the precincts covered and after a few hours, this particular candidate’s numbers started to drop, but he still finished with 10% instead of 3% ! This year we need 1,750 volunteers to cover ALL of the precincts, officially documenting (with photo) and uploading the total results, precinct by precinct, transparent for everyone to see.

New Hampshire – NH will be a little easier. A little less than 50% of the State counts their paper ballots by hand, in public at each town when the poll closes . There are only 80 towns, so we can do this with as little as a few hundred volunteers, willing to show up at 7pm or 8pm, volunteer to count the votes, photo and upload the official results to

Just show up at one of the towns just before the poll closes. You will need to check the time. Some close at 7pm and some are at 8pm. It is fun and it goes quickly. All the votes are counted by hand in a little over an hour. Then the town moderator announces the results and the town clerk records the official results for the town, then MAILS the results to the Secretary of State. Photo a copy of the official results and upload to this site, for EVERYONE to see. We will also be entering those results on a spreadsheet.

The other 50% of the votes are counted on the black boxes.That is about 140 towns and cities. Most of the larger cities like Concord, Manchester, Nashua, etc. count their votes that way. That is not good because it is not transparent, but unless they recently changed the state law, when the polls close at 7 or 8pm, The People can demand an immediate hand count of the paper ballots, right there in public view. You may want to check with your NH State legislator. We have a Right to a honest transparent vote count ! This is a check and balance, making sure the ballots are counted accurately.

Please join us this Jan 2012 and volunteer your “Boots on the Ground” in Iowa or NH!

P.S. After Iowa and NH we will be focusing on the other States.   SC, FL.and NV primaries will be the next.

Sign up here.  It’s free!


0 thoughts on “Sign Up – Transparent Vote Counting and Reporting

  1. Great idea, but I think they have something up their sleeves so the fix will be in. Iowa is moving counting to secret location becase they say the Occupy people are making threats…yeah, right. They are going to steal the vote again.


  2. I will support this in any way I can. I’m aware of them and their secret count. I smell dead fish and I think this is a good way to prevent it.

  3. is down right now, and others report the same thing. 7:34 p.m. CST on Caucus night, 1/3/2012. Can anybody in the know tell what the reason is? Have the crooks tampered with the site?

  4. I imagine Elections need an additional element — a Transparent Vote Tally via the Internet — Adding a public U.S. Govt. Election website that listed everyone who voted (by number, not by name) and HOW they voted with tallies. Voters would caste their ballots and be given a Voter Receipt (proof that they voted — useful if a vote is not included on the website). Several hours/next day? … voters would be able to go online, look for their number, and check that their ballot was counted and voted correctly in an election. Just the thought that people could check would dissuade some of those count cheaters. Is this a crazy idea?

    1. Jan your idea is sound, but what it would take to force it upon these treacherous dogs, I cannot say.
      Some years back there was a gentleman that invented a tamper proof voting machine. The good folks in our government told him they would purchase his machine if he gave them a “back door” into it. He refused and the machine was moth balled.
      The problem we have is that they do not care that we know they are committing the election fraud and as they have passed the military arrest, indefinite detention, and no-trespass laws they are telling us in essence to “Complain to the hand with the middle finger sticking up”.
      We will just have to wait and see how things develop coming up on the primaries. As I’ve said before, this is the 21st century and securing an honest election is far from impossible.

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