Silicon Valley Techies – $20,000.00 Chicken Coops? – $350.00 Chickens? – Pale Blue Eggs?

Incredible as it sounds, it’s true, in a region of ridiculous rent and cost of real estate there are actually people with enough left over to indulge in something ridiculous, raising extraordinarily expensive chickens. High paid computer gurus are tipping the scale of insanity with a new type of Silicon Valley status symbol, high end chickenry.

In an area where some live in cars parked in the shadows, eking out a meager life, others are spending huge on fine feathered pampered chickens who are fed home cooked salmon, chicken parts and other home cooked feed rivaling a farmers market cornucopia of excess. You might say, a rich man’s reinterpretation of green eggs and ham. 

Chicken coops under expensive redwood decks costing a small fortune, wired for expensive climate control, cameras, expensive windows and other comforts that would make any $350.00 pure bred chicken happy enough to lay that special colored Picasso painted egg.

These chickens are bred for their special mannerisms and personalities, can’t have spoiled techie children playing with mean spirited chickens can we. This when you have silicon money to burn foolishly by indulging in the new elitist insanity of diaper wearing house chickens, eating table scraps while pooping in diapers.

A mile down the road there is a homeless person pooping down a storm drain wondering where his next Kentucky fried bucket is going to come from. If he’s lucky, he might find a thigh or two inside the corner dumpster.

The minute you thought you heard it all, along comes a diaper wearing free range house chicken, clucking happily ever after in a $20,000.00 chicken coop, waiting for its salmon meal cooked by a personal chef.

What will become of these over indulged cluckers when the power is turned off, food is gone from the grocery shelves and the techie elites start to get hungry? You’re going to see some damn expensive chicken necks getting separated from their bodies, Silicon Valley style. This is when the Beverly Hillbillies cookbook will come in handy.

Only in la la land kids….

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6 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Techies – $20,000.00 Chicken Coops? – $350.00 Chickens? – Pale Blue Eggs?


  1. Poor chickens! This reminds me (somehow) of a movie or something I watched many years ago of 1880s “robber barons” wrapping cigars with 100 dollar bills and then smoking them burning up the 100 dollar bills (when 100 bills were actually worth something)…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–these techies, who hate humanity, will do anything to prove how “god” they are. They”ll do anything to insult God and humanity as well.

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