Sioux Tribes Block Bikers From Sturgis Rally


South Dakota Sioux tribes are setting up unofficial checkpoints to block bikers from getting to the Sturgis motorcycle rally.

Their plan: use sovereign land rights to turn away bikers attempting to cross through those areas. It’s all in hopes of preventing a COVID outbreak in the state.

The annual event usually draws half a million people from around the United States, but organizers expected a smaller turnout this year amid the pandemic. What’s “a smaller turnout?” Still around 250,000 people converging on a town whose population is just 7,000.

Both South Dakota and federal authorities have said the checkpoints are illegal.

5 thoughts on “Sioux Tribes Block Bikers From Sturgis Rally

  1. And “federal authorities” are doing what about the federal crime being committed?

    Thought so.

    These “indians” are a lot more RED and TRIBAL than they even know and need to play a game of “bikers and indians”.

  2. I’ve always thought they were wiser than that. Guess I been wrong.
    I’ve been wrong before, and I’m sure to be wrong again.
    They do seem to embrace the commie agenda quite rapidly. They can be dispatched as well.

  3. Unfortunately the “good” ones are few & far between. Most swallow the jew BS that it is the “evil white man” who’s responsible for all their ills. It’s a much easier excuse to fall back on as they’re spending their welfare money at the local liquor store.

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