Six shot in Brooklyn, man shot at point-blank in Harlem and ANOTHER commuter pushed onto subway

Daily Mail

At least seven people were shot in Brooklyn on Sunday night including one 20-year-old woman at the end of a violent weekend that saw a man robbed and shot dead in Harlem on Saturday afternoon, and yet another subway traveler pushed onto the subway tracks.

The subway passenger, 29, was on the train with his girlfriend at around 11:30am on Saturday when a man who had been sleeping woke up and started shouting at them.

The couple got off the train at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, but the man followed them.

His attack came two days after 40-year-old Liliana Sagbaicela narrowly survived being pushed onto the tracks in Manhattan by a mentally-ill homeless person. She was shoved just as the train was coming into Union Station, and miraculously fell into a gap between the wheels and the walls of the platform.

Several hours after the subway incident on Saturday, Christopher Caraballo, 24, was shot in a robbery.

He was seen on surveillance cameras arriving at the Wagner Houses project shortly before 3:45pm.

Surveillance footage from the area showed that Caraballo had been walking on East 125th Street shortly before the shooting and passed the gunman, who turned around and followed him to the housing complex.

Caraballo is in the doorway, trying to get into the building, when the gunman approaches him and the two exchange words.

The suspect demanded that Caraballo took off a chain he was wearing around his neck, which Caraballo did and threw across the floor to the gunman.

The pair looked to be arguing over Caraballo’s phone, and the gunman then shot him in the chest, grabbed the chain and ran off.

Caraballo is seen lying on the floor, reaching for his phone.

He later died in hospital.

Further gun violence happened in Brooklyn, where a large-scale shooting happened in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area.

A 20-year-old woman died and six other people were wounded in the shooting at an apartment building that followed an earlier shooting near a Sweet 16 birthday party, police said.

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