Sizing up the 2017-2020 Housing Cliff Hanger

The Great Recession

The best time to size up the collapse in housing that I called almost two years ago will be when it is over — so we can visualize its full extent. Since it is now over by some measures, though not by others, this might be as good as we get for awhile as a moment when we can pause to take a broad scan of the full extent of our damages to date. However, as you’ll see below, we’re still clinging to the side of a cliff. We’re not back up on top. 

The purpose of this article is to give a little more perspective to my last article on the housing collapse with some updated information and graphs. Alhambra Partners has created some graphs that give a clear picture of our slide to date. As I said back in 2018, I did not think this collapse would be nearly as great as the housing crisis that caused the Great Recession, nor did I think it would be the cause of the next recession, but would just be a part of it.

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