8 thoughts on “Slamfire shotgun

  1. one of the comments below the vid
    ‘Great… How long before I’m gonna need a universal background check to buy plumbing parts at home depot.’ 🙂

  2. Have you seen the shotgun shell land mine made with modified mouse trap? Blow your foot right off. Man, jews are in trouble eh?

  3. Interesting, yes, the shotgun in any gauge is a very easy to produce “Zip” style firearm….the way he did it works, but you can also make a catch so you don’t have to hold it so tight, many options and possibilities….

    It will be the way many folks start acquiring the military hardware from the corpses of those invaders and traitors that will be out there for us… As Keornke likes to say, Mobile Re-supply Pods….

    Buy shot shells and you can get 12 & 20 Gauge Barrels all over the place…….

    1. Don’t buy shotshells❗ You’re writing about killing people❗ Not pigeons, or morning doves.
      You need to buy buckshot #4 through 000 will do. Not shotshells.

      1. There’s a saying that I like…
        “How about a nice big cup of SHUT THE FK UP!
        Think before you say something Stupid!”

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