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Slaughterbots…pure evil

Published on Nov 12, 2017

If this isn’t what you want, please take action at http://autonomousweapons.org/

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4 Responses to Slaughterbots…pure evil

  1. Katie says:

    Ok, if this doesn’t enrage the senses, you’re dead already!!!

  2. Terry in Dayton, TN. says:

    Yeah, if it’s already been thought of, you can bet it’s already available. The only worry… who’s got it? So…how will you defend against it if your opposition has it? There’s one of two ways to deal with it… 1. go drink a beer and forget about it, let it sneak up on you. Or, 2. Get off that indecisive backside and get some! Of course, you can always pray that your side has it and not their’s. See how that works out for ya…

  3. NC says:

    These people are truly sick in the head. And they think they are doing humanity a service all the while making a profit.


    I’d love to see this guy get one right in his face. It would be a just dessert.

    • Katie says:

      He will eventually, as they turn on their own in time. Have to eliminate those that know how to disassemble the drone once they realize they actually built these things that would be used on them, may take longer for them to be eliminated, none the less, they too will be smacked in the head.

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