25 thoughts on “Smash a Police State Camera Game

  1. How many do you want??????????? No idea where your NOT looking but theres plenty of everything in W VA and online( everyday on this site there are ammo offers thru Henry’s addys) yes they may cost a little bit more but so does that cheap USELESS crap from wallymart.

    1. nod @ Steve..
      Yep, some of these men and women even with their highly accurate sniper rifles and such(Hunting season is a national holiday in some places here), also have Winnebago’s filled with dirty diapers and other shrapnel, caught on fire and ready to be ‘thrown’….in this part of WV. Not to mention the more portable rusty-four-wheeler launcher.*nod*
      Chase me into the wrong part of the woods here, and there will be the tension of 20 trees’ natural strength rigged to cause alot of damage on the ground. The last stand I hope I never have to employ.

      But yeah…there’s definitely no shortage of anything ammo-wise (for firearms) here that I’ve seen so-far. Especially .22 cal ….LR or otherwise.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  2. Given the nature of the object involved, could this not legitimately be considered a ‘video game’?

    (sorry, couldn’t help myself. Just HAD to ask that one). 🙂

    1. Video game!!*L* I like it! A Live

      Let’s call it ‘LRP’ or ‘Live RolePlay’. *nod*

      A Live video game called :”The Video Game”. lol.
      I like Camover though.

      The act may have some BS associated with it…but the message is a good message…loud-and-clear. But, more importantly…it’s a just cause, in alot of ways.
      I don’t want to condone it too much…but i will say this…
      I hope they don’t get caught anytime soon.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  3. As this grows, look for authorities yelping that they need to be authorized the use of deadly force to preserve their precious surveillance. Protecting stuff will become more important than protecting people. “These cameras could save someone’s life, so by destroying them you are effectively killing the person they might have saved…” the justifiers will yelp.

    1. Yep. Exactly the kind of excuse they would use to justify their police state measures, Joe. It’s pathetic, ain’t it?

    2. That, and…making the citizens pay for it through the nose through ‘taxes’ or whatever tactic they call it there.
      Catch22. It sucks, but it’s true.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

          1. Yea I saw that video on the hat tricks, way cool it blinds the cameras,but beware they have cameras watching camaras.

          2. they dont work.

            as someone who has used cam’s to protect areas from police(!) i have done experiments with this.
            if you point an led at one, they white-out for about 2 seconds, then re-ajust the black/white levels to compensate.

            try it yourself,
            anything better than a cellfone can compensate.

        1. I have heard that green-colored L.E.D.’s and green-colored laser pointers work more effectively for this kind of thing.
          I have not tried this or know anyone that has tried this. Might do so in the future.
          Has anyone here have any knowledge of this..as of now for me…rumor?

          ~Blessed Be to all~

  4. PETEY PETEY PETEY ,as an unarmed slave you just dont understand,now on your knees the inbred hag of a queen is coming and his mommy the imposter too.

  5. This is the kinda stuff we should be doing. I see these things in Texas all the time and just wish there was a group willing to go around start destroying these things. Especially since they are pretty reachable in most places. Take out their communications and blind them and thereby slowing them down and making them go back to the good old days of actually doing police work and not depending on some stupid computer for everything.

    1. EMP or virus hack to the server. Find the IT guy/co. …take appropriate action. Just one effective way, without too much destruction necessary.
      This big-brother surveillance system is one of the reasons I hold a strong belief that hackers and other computer tech people will be extremely instrumental in any civilian opposition.

      Don’t forget that some of the new cctv cameras coming out, and ARE out, have facial recog, sensitive LR microphones, and they are taking about having x-ray scanners and possible tazers even. (miniature Lrad maybe?)
      Then theres the drones…portable cctv capabilities with optional weaponry of various kinds….
      *shakes head* not going to go into that stupid BS. Everyone knows whats going on by now. If they don’t, the might as well take a soldiering iron, and place it firmly into their eye sockets….and repeat “Yes sir…no sir…will there be anything else sir” repeatedly for the rest of their miserable lives.

      I don’t absolutely hate the idea that the SOB’s will be able to see their own demise coming straight at them though. Yes, it would be much better if they couldn’t(most won’t be able to, imo)…but there’s a certain feeling of..exhilaration(?) of them knowing I, or someone else, is coming…..and their precious camera isn’t gonna stop it from happening.
      If it must come to that.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  6. google might blur out faces etc but that is only from the public view. The state still gets to see whatever it wants from google – it’s only blurred to you. It’s no different to the cameras on the streets, most people will never get to see what they see but the state apparatus has full access to them. So saying google safeguards privacy is a misnomer. Good luck to them.

  7. i’v seen street cam’s being serviced – you wouldnt believe the size of the lense on some.
    i wouldnt be surprised if they could see what number you dial on your fone from 1/4mile away!

    watch when they go up,
    in the u.k. the cable is put in by the cable-tv company in the same pipe as the tv stuff.
    temporary police ones use wifi.

    the first ones are interesting because it’s gotta be pretty easy to lift a street cover & start a fire or swing a hatchet than to get up a wall or pole.

    control centers are usually in bunkers under the town hall.
    (every major townhall has a coldwar bunker under it)

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