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SMH! Captions Anybody?

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16 Responses to SMH! Captions Anybody?

  1. Martist says:

    It’s LOUD, gaudy, ridiculous, useless and even has a hint of orange, just like the real thing!

  2. Crazy Harry says:

    I want one with my name on it.

  3. Enemy of the State says:

    Looks like a case of more money than brains

  4. galen says:

    The president’s belated Christmas gift: One of these to every American National.

    Now who’s the dreamer. 🙂


  5. Beehive says:

    Pretty dog. I like the one blue eye.

  6. Ed Teach says:

    Does it take glock mags?

  7. flee says:

    I’m not falling for this one.

    The engraving should say…

    “Trump Rapist”.


    Donald Trump has enough power now.

    He can take a knap and have someone else screw the first lady.

    Then get a briefing.

    I mean c’mon. …

    Here’s an article. …

    “Donald Trump Dies of Heart Attack banging First Lady in Lincoln’s Bedroom”.

  8. bob says:

    Only big caliber guns deserve this name

  9. JohnBlack says:

    Your Fired

  10. Jolly Roger says:

    The egotistical bastard should have had a suicide note inscribed on it alongside his name.

    And maybe some proper handling instructions: Point at head (your own head) and fire.

  11. ubeteda says:

    it’s a gun.

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