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Published on Aug 25, 2017 by Tactical Rifleman

So, once a “Running Disposable” breaks down, at T1G, the driving instructors turn it into a “target car.” As no one was using the driving track that day, the driving instructors were nice enough to let us pop a couple of caps at this car. Shooting cars is fun but, just like everything else, I always like to turn it into a teaching opportunity. As I mention in the video, they are lots of specialty rounds out there for penetrating different kinds of barriers, such as glass. However, with every new type of round in your rucksack, you now have to also have accurate data for each type of round. While some units need these specialty round, because of their “specialty” missions (such as commercial aircraft or embassy windows; most military units do not need specialty ammo. Shooting through glass is a common task for snipers. We will cover shooting through building glass in an upcoming future video. However, this week, I wanted to focus on shooting through standard vehicle glass. It seems like every Clancy book or Hollywood movie requires the hero sniper to make special calculations when shooting through glass. That makes for great entertainment for an audience that thinks it really is educated. For this video we use the standard US issue M118LR 7.62x51mm 175gr Sierra Matchking. We are shooting it from a Nemesis Arms Valkyrie take-down rifle, because it is fun to shoot; but the outcome of our tests would have been the same no matter what weapon was used.

Please note that we are shooting into the vehicle, with the glass within a few feet of the target. We are NOT shooting through glass with the glass NEAR the sniper. Anything (including grass & tree branches) can deflect the bullet if it is near the front of the gun. You won’t even find the bullet. Bottom Line: When shooting through glass, with your target within 10ft of the glass; just shoot TRUE Point of Aim / Point of Impact.

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