SNL Recreates Trump-Hillary Debate.

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Published on Oct 1, 2016 by Crazy Stuff

SNL Recreates Trump-Hillary Debate. Hilarious!

Former 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin helped Saturday Night Live kick off its 42nd season by portraying Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in a cold open that satirized this week’s first presidential debate, but along with Kate McKinnon‘s dead-on Hillary Clinton impression, Baldwin and company mostly re-enacted the surreal debate almost exactly as it happened.

Baldwin nailed many of Trump’s mannerisms, including an observant bit on the real estate mogul’s pronunciation of “China,” and McKinnon capably portrayed Clinton’s polished delivery and coolness under Trump’s self-inflicted fire.
With source material like this, a satirist’s job is that much easier. Watch the cold open above, from Saturday Night Live.

3 thoughts on “SNL Recreates Trump-Hillary Debate.

  1. The “pussification” of the American male continues with “Madame Secretary” on NBC, portraying a dyke bitch gettin’ tough on terrorists.

    It’s insane. You want Brownie Troop 54 defending our country? Let’s get real.

    The debate? Of course they’re going to make “The Donald” look every bit the fool, and he gives them plenty of ammo, but to present Hillary as our shining beacon of liberty is quite a stretch when you look what’s under the dress. I don’t recommend anyone do that as their eyeballs would be fried out of the sockets.

    So, here we are, SNL just spoofed both candidates, and (Hillary) you sure (Hillary) couldn’t tell (Hillary) if they (Hillary) favored anyone.

    I will say Alec Baldwin’s performance as “The Donald” was hilarious.

  2. I detest Alec’s political beliefs but he is one of the funniest people i have ever seen who was not a Stand UP Comic. This was hysterical for sure

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