Snow storm pounds US northeast for second time in 1 week


Schools are shut and thousands are without power as the northeast of the United States suffers through its second winter storm in a week. States of emergency have been declared in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Up to 60cm (2ft) of snow has accumulated in inland parts of the two states along with neighboring New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Schools throughout New England, including Boston Public Schools, were shut in advance of the latest blizzard as the National Weather Service forecast white-out conditions.  

“If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight, food and water in your vehicle in case of an
Emergency,” the weather service said. Thousands of flights have been delayed and cancelled in the region and Amtrak also cancelled numerous train services.

The powerful storm has dumped heavy wet snow, downed power lines and led to hundreds of thousands of electricity outages. Downed power lines have also sparked fires in several areas.

There have been more than 700,000 thousand outages in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, according to Around half of those are in Massachusetts.

At least nine people were killed during last week’s storm which battered the same region. There was major coastal flooding in Massachusetts and about 2.4 million homes and businesses lost power.

4 thoughts on “Snow storm pounds US northeast for second time in 1 week

  1. I’m sitting parked 50 miles south of Bangor Maine, have to load paper rolls in a place close to there tomorrow, anyway I was supposed to load last night, needless to say that didn’t happen. Hopefully tomorrow morning. Feet of snow on top of my trailer, just from overnight. Nice and toasty inside my truck, thank god. Plenty of fuel….

    Like I said earlier, these trucks never shut down. Lucky to be at a truck stop, that is a rarity. This is why we have plenty of water and food, always. Cold cuts and bread, a staple in this house, always have coolers with plenty of ice, daily. Small butane stove always close by. Have a microwave, but not hooked up, too much of a battery drain, requiring expensive batteries and converter, boss doesn’t pay for that. Last thing I need is battery problems and converters are a prelude to battery nightmares, these things weren’t designed to become motor homes.

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