Snowden’s Own Words: “Nothing Will Change in America”

Before It’s News

Conspiracy theorists expose what the government or corporations want you to believe is ‘”just the way it is,” like paying the banks a ‘deposit charge’ to lend them your money, which is actually legal theft.

Before it became necessary to do this, for instance the legitimate government would ask, ‘Will anyone who witnessed this crime please step forward and help us in our investigations?”  

An illegitimate government charges, convicts and detains the same witness.

Anyone can see why.

Manning released a video of a US helicopter gunning down civilians including two journalists as if it were “just the way it is” when America is doing the killing.

That may be “just the way it is” for American troops, but it is still murder. Here are Snowden’s own words and an account of the Viet Nam “Pentagon Papers” released by Daniel Ellsberg in the sixties… Tom Dennen

4 thoughts on “Snowden’s Own Words: “Nothing Will Change in America”

  1. We can always depend on “beforeitsnews” to discourage change whenever they’re not shoveling BS that makes dissidents sound like idiots when they try to spread truth to the brainwashed.

  2. I would agree with him, at least in regard to peaceful, civil means.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

    These demonic sociopaths ain’t about to willing give up a technological power inconceivable among tyrants from the beginning of history.

  3. Concerning ‘beforeitsnews’ and others:

    In Defense of Brother Nathaneal Kapner, by John Kaminski

    “It is also the case with popular Internet news sites such as Alex Jones, Information Clearing House, Citizens for Legitimate Government, Intel Hub, Before It’s News, Activist Post and many others who dazzle their readers with intricate investigations of U.S. government criminality without ever once tracing the blame to where it rightly belongs, to the Jewish puppet masters who are running our reality, and us with it, right into the ground.”

    1. flek, I rarely post comments at BIN anymore, but when I do, I always e-mail myself the article to see any replies. I posted a reply to some moron that was cheering the demise of America, and it was definitely anti-Zionist.
      I checked yesterday, and it had been deleted. Pitiful.

      It wasn’t even that vicious, compared to what I’m capable of.

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