So Was Anthony Bourdain’s Death A Message?

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American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, the Emmy-winning host of CNN‘s “Parts Unknown,” has died from suicide, the network said Friday. He was 61. . . .

“We learned this morning about the death by hanging of an American chef at a luxury hotel of Kaysersberg, Le Chambard,” a prosecutor in Kaysersberg-Vignoble told French newspaper Dernière Nouvelle D’alsace. “At this point nothing suggests the intervention of a third party.” . . . 

The celebrity chef was dating Italian actress Asia Argento — who has accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and has since become one of his most vocal victims.

Bourdain recently gushed over Argento’s explosive speech about Weinstein and sexual harassment in the film industry at Cannes Film Festival, according to Vulture.

In February 2018, New York’s attorney general brought a law suit against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein which included allegations that Weinstein was prone to fits of rage at his employees and told several “I will kill you,” “I will kill your family,” and “You don’t know what I can do,” and said he had Secret Service contacts who could help him out.

Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend, Italian actress Asia Argento, is one of the dozens of women who accused Weinstein of sexual assault, harassment or rape after he was exposed in an October New Yorker article.

Argento was one of the first women to come forward with allegations of rape. “I am proud and honored to know you,” Bourdain tweeted to Argento in October. “You just did the hardest thing in the world.” He added: “Can we use the word ‘rapist’ now? #Weinstein.”

Bourdain called out other celebrities who remained silent about Weinstein’s alleged behavior. “How many seventeen year olds have you dressed like they are, in your words, ‘asking for it’?” he tweeted at Donna Karan’s fashion brand DKNY.

Doornob Suicides

One of our experts says that cutting off the bloodstream to the brain for 15 seconds causes a loss of consciousness. There are a number of alleged suicides in Europe that appear to be rooted in light strangulation with two fingers first, then hanging of the victim from the doorknob to complete the job. Murder, not suicide. The combination of the doorknob and the scarf appears to be a signature intended to terrorize others who may be thinking about ratting out the elites above them and known to them. I think this trend of hanging oneself on doorknobs with scarves stinks to high heaven. I am having a hard time buying it.

Sounds like some sort of “calling card” from the real killers.


Robin Williams supposedly hanged himself with a tie from his doorknob.

The Queen of the Netherlands sister just “hung herself” from her door knob. That particular Queen stepped down after allegations of having “hunts” where children were raped and massacred by her dinner guests.

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen hung himself with a scarf on his closet doorknob.

Aaron Schwartz hung himself on his doorknob after he hacked into MIT Computers and found a huge stash of Child Pornography.

Michael Hutchence from the band INXS hung himself from his doorknob

Chester Bennington hanged himself with a belt from his doorknob. Chris Cornell hung himself with an elastic workout band tied to a carabiner from the doorknob in his hotel bathroom (Bennington and Cornell were fighting to save kids from High Level Pedophile Sex Rings).

Kate Spade and L’Ren Scott both hung themselves with red scarves from their doorknobs.

The Rothschild They Murdered

Amschel Mayor James Rothschild in 1994 Anthony Bourdain in 2018

Both men strangled themselves in a French hotel using the belt from their bathrobe.

I did not write this. I put this together from contributions made over email by Dick Eastman, John Kaminski and DC Dave with an assist from Henry Makow.

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8 thoughts on “So Was Anthony Bourdain’s Death A Message?

  1. i heard(read) it was a towel rack and when the officer attending the scene pulled on it with a bit of force it came off the wall hmmm? And what Anthony is what 220lbs?… I think not smells to high heaven

  2. knowledge of Hillary’s crimes
    And proof
    He knew he was a dead man , he said in not so many words that he had dirt on the Cartel Queen

    Ain’t livin long like this

  3. Technically speaking, these are not hanging. They are ligature strangulation suicides, which are painless. It requires about ten pounds or less of pressure to close the two carotid arteries, and doing that will cause a blackout
    within 4 to 15 seconds, but it does not close off or damage the wind pipe and so the person keeps on breathing.

    But cutting off the blood to the brain results in brain death after about 4 – 5 minutes, and when the brain is dead, the heart closes down.

    Killing the brain can also be accomplished by closing off the jugular vein only, which also prevents blood to the brain.

    So the thing is, there is no pain and hardly any weight needed. This is similar to the “fainting” games where the same thing is done to make an organism much more powerful, as in Robin Williams’ case.

  4. A guy who exposes the Clintons and Weinstein, while supporting Palestinian rights and at the same time shows what assholes the “settlers” are in his BANNED CNN episode of “Parts Unknown” where he also visits Gaza (shown on YouTube) is almost guaranteed to be someone who could be whacked if you know what I mean. But the fact is, we may never know if this was a suicide or not. When celebrities who do the right thing like him or Bennington or Cornell and others are suddenly dead one day from truly unknown causes, it is no wonder the “suicide” meme is questioned.

    And thanks for the link to that Dr. Eowyn post, #1. Yes, while Bourdain did do the right thing exposing the Clintons and supporting Palestinians, he, like seemingly most celebrities, also had a bit of dark nature (as, to some extent, many people do. The point is to repent from it like I did years ago and my book characters did.) I hope he repented of that dark nature.

  5. This guy was a freak show, simple as that, a CNN big shot on the outside, something completely different on the inside.

    Fooled the hell out of everybody… nobody really knew this guy.

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