Socialists and Neo-Cons, Welcome to the Ron Paul Revolution

Except for a few clips from Thursday night’s CNN debate, Ron Paul has been effectively removed from the mainstream false reality.  Right off the bat the chant began again, “Ron Paul can’t win.”  But then what does that mean?  Is it Ron Paul can’t win because he lacks the ability and support?  Or is it Ron Paul can’t win because the elitist status quo will be destroyed if a way is not found to stop him?

In listening to the chants of the people outside the Florida debate, who were not elite and thus not allowed to go inside and be a part of the audience, I would have to defer to the latter.  Though those in the audience of the debate were pushing the notion that it must be one of the three stooges, the much larger crowd outside was chanting, “End the Fed”, “Don’t listen to the media”, and “Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul”.

I am convinced that in an HONEST general election, Ron Paul will win with a landslide that will be an embarrassment to Barack Obama.  Old Barry is essentially basing his reelection bid on the notion of a class war.  There is a class war, but to put forth the notion that Obama resides on the side of we the people in opposition to the corporate elite status quo, is completely laughable.

There are millions of Americans out here, chomping at the bit for the chance to vote against Obama.  Why?  Many are long term unemployed who supported Obama in 2008.  Back in June of 2010, when their unemployment benefits ran out, they just knew Obama and his Super Congress was going to legislate another tier of benefits, the proverbial Tier 5.

Not only did Barry the Rat turn his back on these people’s suffering, but he did indeed sign legislation to cut home heating assistance for the old and poor by two-thirds.  Many of those people affected are setting in the cold cursing his name right now.  Those people will not vote for Barack Obama, especially considering the fact that sites like From the Trenches have been predicting every act of betrayal, not only before it is committed, but before it comes forth as an issue.

All in all there are 100 million voters out here who have seen things go from bad to worse as one after another of Obama’s campaign promises have been revealed as lies.

I tell you right now; the Hispanic community, the gay community, the African-American community, and women’s organizations, the socialist collectives, are not going to decide this election, and the divisiveness they are trying to cause is not going unnoticed.

The American people of the American race, 100 million voters strong, are demanding Ron Paul for president.  We have had our jobs, our right to entrepreneur contract, our homes and retirement accounts, and our Bill of Rights taken away.  However, though we have been made civilly dead, our pride, dignity, and determination are omnipresent.  Our people have gone from insulted to righteously indignant to pissed off and dead set on revenge.

We will not back down and every socialist scum bag who is now enjoying an easy life as a reward for their complicity to the socialist treason and its accommodation for the foreign insurgency, is living on borrowed time.  We are too many and too well armed to be pushed aside by corporate propagandist rhetoric.

We are going to shove your rhetoric down your treasonous throats and thereafter we are going to arrest, prosecute, and punish every damn one of you.  And then we are going to rid ourselves of you through deportation.

You social communist suck-ups are going to be sent to Siberia to live your dream of communist utopia and your dirt bag leadership is going to be landed on the coast of Somalia with bottles of barbecue sauce tied around their necks, in order that they may reap what they have sown through their international treachery.

We the American people of the American race are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution with peace, life, liberty, justice, and prosperity for one and all.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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