99ers Sold out by the Whores in the Mainstream Media

The midnight Congress overwhelmingly passed the Bush era tax cuts extensions for the top 2%.  The so called conservative Republicans are calling the passage a victory for the American people.  But what does the passage of the bill really equate to?  Well this is what happened.  Our so called representatives were given a choice.  Let the Bush era tax cuts sunset, which was a part of the original bill, or borrow billions of dollars to continue paying taxes for the rich.  They chose the latter.

So now the taxes of the top 2% will be paid by our grandchildren.  By the time the smallest among them reaches maturity they will be $500,000 in debt.  The children of the rich are assured a life of prosperity and being served by the children of the poor. The rich have been careful to throw enough scraps to the middle class to keep them complacent for a couple more years while they whittle away at its lower tiers.

Corporations have made record profits in the last two years.  And where have those profits come from?  Through the liquidation of the equity in the property once owned by those who have become unemployed, their 401Ks, homes, and automobiles.  Real wealth is not created out of thin air and cannot cease to exist.  It can only be transferred.  They laugh in our faces while chanting, “The poor are trying to transfer wealth from the rich to themselves,” while the rich are in fact transferring the wealth in the opposite direction in plain view of everyone.

There is a class war and the rich are winning.  I know a lot of you will disagree as the mainstream media, every day, reports over and over again the opposite of what is actually occurring.  The mainstream propaganda machine has become the driving force behind the treason that is being committed against the people and the Constitution of the United States, without pause.

This is why WikiLeaks has become a matter of national importance to the international corporate mafia.  You see, only the truth can tear down the lies.  And the biggest truth our enemies want to suppress is that the corporate owned, mainstream media is instrumental in covering up the one world communist insurgency.

The 111th Congress has made the word, “Democrat” a word that cannot pass the average citizen’s lips without spitting bile, and many are asking why they let it go this far.  Well I’ll tell you why.  Now the 112th Republican controlled Congress can commit a large degree of atrocities against the people and still be assured that within the false left-right paradigm they are conceived as no worse than the Democrats.  So when the next election rolls around the politicians can once again spend billions of dollars pointing out just how treasonous their opponents are.  And in the end we are expected to simply vote in a new batch of traitors.  And the game goes on, right into slavery.

Stuart Varney and Company were aglow in announcing the passage of the extensions of the tax cuts for the top 2%, which they were reporting as a right wing Republican victory, while in the same breath they were praising the Fabian social communist, Barry Soetoro’s move to the center.  There is no left, there is no right, and there is no center.  There is just the wealthy getting wealthier and the poor getting poorer.

A recent survey said that our Congress’s approval rating had dropped to 15%.  Now if the majority of Americans truly supported the extension of the Bush era tax cuts to the top 2% and the Congress is achieving that goal, wouldn’t their approval rating be higher than 15%?

We now have a government ran by poll and as those polls vary so radically the powers that be can pretty much do as they please, and if questioned about their actions they can simply point at a favorable poll and say, “Well this is what the American people want.”  It has come to the point that voting them out is no longer an option as they are and will stay a part of the corporate elite whether they are in public office or not.  And the person who takes their place will be a friend or relative.

99ers it has come down to it.  We must realize they intend to destroy us, and the international corporate mafia controlled media must be considered their front line troops.  The only question is will we unite as a consolidated force and take back what has been stolen, or will we continue to commit random acts resulting in our demise and allow the whores in the mainstream media to continue justifying our deaths?

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  1. The only thought I had yesterday was if all the poor and middle class die off and the rich are left, who will make their meals, clean their homes, pick the vegetables and wait on them in the stores and restaurants I guess they had not thought about that problem for now How much more money can we give to the rich until they say they have enough.

    We need that money and we need someone who is not RICH to hear our pleas.

    1. Andrea,
      They’ve already taken care of the issue you have brought up. In case you haven’t heard there are 40 million illegals in this country who are better at waiting on rich people than the average American. In short, we are expendable.

  2. You’re exactly right, Henry. The rich want all of us true American citizens, who speak out about our neglect and mistreatment by the government, dead, or in one of the many unheard of Fema camps across the country, where we soon will be. They’ve got plenty of illegals who will replace us, and keep their mouths shut. Also, when I watch those media whores on the tube, spouting their blatant bullshit, it takes all my willpower to prevent an attack of projectile vomiting.

  3. I agree that there needs to be a revolt by the American people as a whole because with the new congress coming next month, this is just the beginning and that includes the unemployed receiving HR 4213 who think they have benefits for 99 weeks. People are going to have to join together in a MASSIVE display before the media will do any story on how the 99ers got screwed and how Washington can’t seem to pass a JOBS bill that they know will help the 20 Million unemployed in this country. President Obama needs to stop listening to people telling him what to do and what to say.

  4. No revolt is needed, no class battle, nothing. Next war…let the rich go fight it. Keep your children home with you.

  5. dont worry. they will see the effects soon enough. when people start running out of ui benefits and the tax money doesnt get sent in. the light should come on. then it is reaching into their pockets. everyone already knows that our government is bailing out the rich. well when the poor have to stop paying there taxes to eat and try to get by. maybe then they will see what we mean to the government. kind of funny that the one thing that needs bailout and has the most return on investment is the last thing they want to deal with.

  6. Attention 99ers. I post comments everyday and encourage everyone to join our website so we can organize active civil disobedience. I also list our website address. My comment is featured on several websites today. If you are interested please go to — “Unemployment extension 2010, after 99 weeks 99ers are expected to go off and die.” I sure hope we still have freedom of speech, if not I may be in trouble.

    1. WOW, nice work Barbara! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Way to go! That site draws a lot of viewers, nice job.

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