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  1. What? I know a few real warriors. None of them are opposed to more war for “enough” to go around. @lso sounds like that ‘squad” was soft if 4 wounded and one killed himself. This smells of b.s. or pogues who just wanted collage money but got hurt..
    I’m not for endless jew banker wars. Nor do I want to see my brothers and sisters hurt. I just don’t get someone being a “warrior” who thinks Sparta is a bad thing. #suckitupbuttercup
    You volunteered. Do your job, shut up and stop being a b!tch.

    1. “You volunteered. Do your job and stop being a bitch”? You’ll have to excuse my disagreement but I thought a soldier’s job was defending home, not fight as you even called it jew bankers endless wars. Whether they enlisted for college money or just wanted to taste blood, the fact is they are not defending home, they are in fact fighting those jew bankers endless wars. ALL these wars are theirs. This is why I’ve stated the importance of understanding the protocols of zion. And also shows what I’ve said many times about the west. That it knows nothing of war but bullets and bombs. I’m sorry, but being a warrior isn’t joining the powerful and heavily funded military, it’s being the one who even without that jew banker money funded war machine goes out and DEFENDS their land and people justly. It’s no ones job to die for the war machine that WILL be used against us when those jew bankers set their eyes on you.

      1. Hi Jamal. Regarding “the west”… I just re-watched Mel Gibson’s film, “The Patriot.” I had seen it once years ago before I was a Trencher, so I did not understand the sacrifice of those who fought for our freedom. Their devotion to the cause and their valor set a very high mark for what it means and what it takes to defend home and countrymen. I recommend the film highly to any who values liberty. I don’t know if it’s perfect, but I know I cried all through the second half when I saw the distance some would go to not live as slaves. That may be the true spirit of “The West” and I hope it is resurrected in any who would not live under a ruler, a ruler who has NO RIGHT to rule another. I embrace the best of The West, and the worst of it is a consequence of greed and of communist occupation, but we are coming out from under.


        1. Hi galen. That movie is awesome, one of my absolute favorites actually. I agree with you fully. I hope “the west” comment wasn’t misunderstood. What I mean by it is western nations are occupied by eastern mindsets that fight wars like JFK said by infiltration rather than invasion, subversion, etc. Wars are prepared and fought long before any shots are fired in the eastern ideology. My client more specifically is aimed at the very low levels that dont see or understand that and was supposed to show that the things people see happening were planned out long before any visible action took place. They dont know or forget the history of what lead to the actions their now seeing.

          1. Thanks Jamal, I understand your perspective. And beyond east/west I hope we are all soon free of the zio war machine.


    2. You join the US military, you are helping to ruin America. Simple really. All you doing is helping billionaires stay wealthy, as they ruin everybody else.

  2. This is the link to the full thread. Among the “Thank you for your service” comments are some strong indicators that there is more awakening going on. A lot of brainwashing to overcome, especially when it was sold to them as honor and nobility. Maybe I’m off the mark. Maybe they can’t be turned around, for I was hoping some of this can turn into a positive and that the brainwashed can give their brains a second washing and understand they were deceived. Perhaps then they will fight for REAL freedom, for The Bill of Rights. Do we not need all the help we can get?



    1. ps: And the thing that always gets me, on ANY issue, is when we hear “You need to call your representatives.” I have found that the hardest thing in having discourse on the state of affairs is getting folks to see beyond that; not Trenchers, but everyday people who yet believe in the 2-party system. It’s like they just can’t get their heads around the notion of that being false and fully corrupt, and to add more damage to that, they can’t conceive of anything but chaos beyond that. Still, we teach what we can about our Common Law. I do not think enough is said about it; I mean out in the world. I even see how it is so easily dismissed as a naive notion or as some way of the past of a more simplified people. If only I was better at conveying the dignity in The Common Law, the empowerment. Well, at least I’m a little better at it than I was a few years ago. Thank you, Henry.


    2. Those who survived the meat grinder somewhat, if they understood who they are and what they were actually a part of, would be strong advocates.
      If the foreigners commenting at the bottom understood the occupation of our country and the fact that it was the communists under the control of the international zionist aristocracy that brought them the misery they have suffered, their hate could be more properly directed.
      And we do need each and every one of us with a full understanding of what has been done to us and in our name to others around the world.

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