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Following my recent post ‘The Home Invasion Dilemma – Discussion& Scenarios’ I have received many comments asking me for the ‘solution’ and pointing out that the scenario as laid out in my article is a no-win situation, or at least one with no good outcome.

Well, there are two solutions to the scenario laid out. It’s just that you may not like either of them. That is really the point isn’t it? The scenario ‘as laid out’ is actually the situation that most of us find ourselves in, so if we are victims of a HIT raid these are the choices we face. As such, it really points out the unacceptable situation we live in today, suffering from this authoritarian tyranny. As one commenter described: “Something has just gone seriously wrong in the US culturally, a mild discursive / ideological pseudo-mental illness that may not be healed any time soon.”  

Within the parameters of the scenario, a scenario that most of you would likely find yourselves in if faced by a HIT raid, there are the following solutions:

1) Submit. This is either done because you have no choice but to look to the safety of your family, through cowardice, or a calculated move to live to fight another day. You can either fight it through the courts as you are conditioned to do within the Matrix, or you can take the fight to the enemy and actually stand up and fight tyranny. Using the court route only works within a civilized society where the rule of law still holds true. That is not the case in our current situation. Corruption and tyranny rule.

2) Fight. You either stand and fight in your home, and likely die in place, or fight to withdraw and then go on to wage war against those that assaulted your family. I called this the John Rambo option, but did you think I was joking? No, I was deadly serious. If this type of violence is directed at you, the only reason to hold your fire is the presence of children in the crossfire. Once you either remove them or remove yourself, then you are free to rock and roll. Yes, your reputation will be destroyed and you will die in the end. Perhaps due to my background I am more ready to contemplate the reality of an escape and evasion with some offensive action thrown in, going as far as possible before finally being killed? However, if you want that freedom, you need to be prepared to fight for it. Some of us will never submit; we will never bend the knee to tyrants.

A time to live. A time to fight. A time to die.

If you are not prepared to fight for freedom, then you do not deserve any of it. Get fit, get trained, get ready. It’s time to stop watching the outrage porn on the internet and be ready to stand up. Which leads me on to my next point: how to deal with this HIT raid situation if we move the assumptions of the scenario.

Ok, so here we are. It is not SHTF yet, it is not a collapse. It is not the zombie apocalypse. It is NOW. It is a time of authoritarian tyranny. We are not waiting for it to arrive, it is already here. What did you think – there would be a sudden announcement on the MSM? “Tyranny is here, all freedom loving supporters of the Constitutional Republic grab your guns and fight!” No, the whole point is that it is a soft creeping bureaucratic tyranny, put in place with the dumb compliance of the populace who are psyop-ed into believing that safety is more important than freedom. That part is too big for this post, but you get the point. When do you think the time will come to stand up and resist? We live in a police state with ongoing violence by ‘Law Enforcement ’personnel against civilians. The soft bureaucracy is punctuated by the violence of the HIT raids, in order to ‘encourage the others’ into compliance.

I know, I am digressing. Why do you think we have the security and surveillance apparatus that we do? Why do you think we are dealing with fake terrorism? We are being softened up with a little bit of real terrorism, a whole lot of fake terrorism, in order to get us used to living in the police/surveillance state. The real holy grail of terrorism and control is domestic white terrorism: ‘Teahadist’ terrorists. Once the meme can be manipulated to this point, we are truly done. Toast.

What is the outcome of any ‘contact’ with law enforcement if you do not submit and comply with their orders? Violence. If you argue, or stand up to your rights? Violence. Due to the massive amounts of legal statutes and ordinances and all that, we are all committing some sort of crime at all times. They can always find something to fit us up for, right? Every contact with law enforcement is an escalation of force until they use violence to force you to comply. Real violence, threat of violence, or threat of alternative violence such as against your freedom or livelihood.

Well, I tell you this. I will not submit. I will not tolerate rude, unlawful, bullying law enforcement personnel. If it ends up with fat guys kneeling on my neck, my getting tasered, getting beaten, getting shot, then so be it. Decent ‘law abiding’ good honest folk need to stand up to actually make a difference. Day to day that does not mean using violence. Violence is an escalation of force used in self-defense to stop a threat. A HIT raid is a threat and thus should be stopped with appropriate force. It is basic self-defense 101. Day to day it means standing up, refusing and resisting by non-compliance with unlawful orders and acts; The fat headed cop shouts at me to get me to comply: am I intimidated or impressed? No. Will I do what he tells me to if it is unlawful? No. Am I scared of him? No. Am I ready to fight him if he assaults me? Damn right. Let’s get it on. I don’t care if I ‘win’ – not when he has ten fat buddies hitting me with tasers and batons. It’s just that I simply won’t submit.

But, we watch our outrage porn and get angry. But then we go to work and worry about paying our mortgage. Worry about what the neighbors might think about you getting tasered on the front step and hauled away. Planning for that vacation etc.

If you want to make a difference, you have to be prepared to stand up and go outside of your comfort zone. If suddenly and unexpectedly faced by an unlawful and bullying law enforcement stop on your morning commute, you have to be ready to get tasered and have a fat guy kneeling on your neck. Yet, the VP won’t be happy when you don’t get that report in on time. But you stood up. Otherwise, what are you? Are you an American, land of the free, home of the brave? I think not.

To make a difference you have to be ready to throw it away. So, you don’t want to die, it would be a tragedy for your children. Well, millions have died fighting for freedom (or bankers, however you want to look at it – but it’s what they believed that counts) and they had no choice but to leave their children fatherless. How are you any more special?

Take a long look in the mirror. Would you have been ready to stand with a ragged militia as the professional redcoats formed line across the field, in anticipation of the volley fire slamming into your ranks? Would you stand in line with Stonewall Jackson as the musket balls and grapeshot came out of the smoke of battle, flensing the ragged line? Would you fix bayonets and advance across the field at Gettysberg, cannon fire slamming into the line, good men falling to either side, never to see their families again, or never to have families?

Who are you to look to your safety while freedom falls? What makes you special?

Both my grandparents served in WWII. On my father’s side everyone I know going back was in the British Army in some form. I was born in a hospital in Northern Ireland in 1973 while my father was serving there during the early days of the troubles, a concealed pistol on him outside the delivery room. His father served in WWII in North Africa, Sicily and Italy as a combat engineer and then later in the Malaya Emergency. My grandfather was wounded three times in battle. He died in his eighties largely as a result of poor healthcare as a result of the National Health Service; something very similar to what is coming with ObamaCare.

I have military service, but nothing like these guys. I come from a military family and always wanted to somehow live up to what these guys did. But I consider myself to have done nothing of any comparison. Yes, blown up and shot at, but so what? I never walked at the head of the minefield breaching team, carrying a mine detector, behind the barrage at the battle of El Alamein. I never drove a combat tractor under enemy sustained machine-gun crossfire to breach a wadi with fascines. I never tripped a German s-mine (a bounding anti-personnel mine) while conducting solo motorcycle reconnaissance of a route to flank a withdrawing enemy formation, escaping shrapnel injury by chance. I was never wounded storming the stronghold of Monte Cassino, defended by crack German paratroopers. My grandfather came home, but many didn’t.

I swore an oath to the Constitution of this country, something that I take very seriously. I settled here with my American wife to raise a family. I gave up working as a contractor in Afghanistan shortly after my first child was born. I was tired; that alone was five years in Iraq and Afghanistan as a contractor, not counting my prior British military service. I thought I was done.

Then, I woke up. Woke up to the reality of where we are and where we are going. I started writing books, to pass on my knowledge. Now, I am training Patriots in tactical self-defense. Unfortunately, we live in dangerous and unacceptable times. Unfortunately, we are threatened, both our freedom and our lives, by authoritarian tyranny. And the most unbelievable thing? THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Anyway, let’s go back to the scenario, and potential solutions:

We already said that it is not SHTF, it is NOW, so it’s still day to day life. So what can a household do? Well, the long and the short of all the suggestions that have come in is that you can increase the hardening of your perimeter to delay access. Remember, a perimeter will only ever delay, it is not impenetrable. And also, you can work on creating stand-off and early warning. This is easier on an isolated rural property as opposed to a suburban house or city apartment.

So, what will this achieve for you? It may allow you time to get your family and bug out. You then lose your house which will be ransacked. Or, it will allow you time to stay in place and create an armed stand-off with the HIT attackers. If you do this, can we use it as a way of resolving the situation in our favor? Knowing how law enforcement operates, I don’t see them standing down. You could force them to show you the warrant. You could force them to bring a supervisor and negotiator. You may have time to call friends round to be present outside of the cordon. If you really wanted to go for it, and you had resources, you could call a pre-organized and trained QRF to force the HIT to withdraw (be a bear, be a grizzly) but remember back to the scenario: this is not SHTF.

I suspect that they will require nothing less than your submission. If you force them to stand-off you will increase your chances of surviving initially and keep them out of the property. But then it will become a siege until you hand over your weapons and come out. Otherwise, it’s Waco again. If you could somehow force a stand down, or make them admit it was the wrong address, I would be pleasantly surprised and that would be a good outcome. I suspect that, because you have to remember this is about control and not about you really being a criminal, they will insist on submission. It does not matter that they created the situation and the danger and that you are only defending yourself and your family – the situation is now warped into an armed suspect holed up in a house. Legally owned and utilized weapons now become instruments of a crime. You are still on the 5 o’clock news as an armed suspect and crazy person.

So what is the real solution? If no-one does anything we will continue to see these incidents and sit at our computers watching our outrage porn. And nothing will change; it will get worse. If people do stand up to this, they will die in a series of random news events soon to be forgotten about. I don’t really know much about the Dorner situation, I don’t know whether he was a Patriot or not, a real whistle blower to LAPD corruption, but it appears he was egregiously treated and suffered his own ‘Rambo’ moment. Ultimately, he did not do a great job of going on the run and hitting back – he hid in a cabin. But then again, I wasn’t there, maybe he was wounded and hypothermic, so I’m just the critic whose opinion doesn’t count. My point is that if people start to resist, many will just die in their homes, or be wounded and jailed. Some may start to fight out and go on the run. But if they manage to live for more than a few days, if no-one helps them they will just be another Dorner story.

So really, what is the solution? I will tell you. It is to prevent these HIT raids from happening. It is to restore the United States of America to its former glory as a Constitutional Republic. Civil non-acceptance of such brutal police tactics will make them impractical. I am talking about everything from unconstitutional VIPR checkpoints, bullying cops at traffic stops, and home invasions. If it’s not ‘Officer Friendly’, then it doesn’t get any cooperation. The very environment needs to change so that these methods of operation are no longer accepted. The PTB won’t like it, because it will frustrate their vision of an authoritarian socialist slave utopia. So don’t give them any choice, and if they push the issue, fight them in self-defense and defense of Freedom. If not for your for your children and your grandchildren (yes, it’s ‘for the children’ to co-opt a progressive whine LOL!).

Some will whine that not all cops are bad. That I am giving a poor presentation and that cops have a really hard job dealing with criminals. Mentally I am visualizing stomping on your head. Cops all swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. If they are not, then they are wrong. If you are a good cop, then step up and stop the bad ones. Otherwise, you are worthless. Cops exist as public servants to serve and protect the public. Any other approach is unacceptable and will not be cooperated with.

I’ll tell you a little secret to raise your morale: There are a huge number of people who work either in the military or for the military, like government employees and contractors, who civilians out there would naturally assume are ‘the bad guys’. Well, the big secret: these guys are all prepping and talking about the collapse, worrying about gun confiscation. Like, at least 50%! Talking about gold and silver and who is coming for their guns! Hold on, aren’t they coming for their guns? Uh? Yes, of course, there are also the bad guys like the robot heads working for the NSA and the robot headed cops trying to be tough guys. But the whole thing is like the emperors new clothes. Everyone is worried about who the bad guys are that are going to do this, even those you would assume are the bad guys. So, it’s like a big progressive authoritarian politically correct psyop that everyone is going along with because they are afraid of saying anything. It just needs enough people to stand up and say “The Emperor is Naked!”

Check this VIDEO for context:

For the tactics:

Live Hard, Die Free.


6 thoughts on “Solutions – Follow Up to The Home Invasion Dilemma

  1. Once again, Max delivers sound wisdom.
    At the same time, the point is raised, again.
    The Tyranny must STOP !
    How is this done ? By Men and Women
    who’ll stand for what’s right.
    As Pastor Brooks mentions on the
    Liberty Bible Hour,
    “It’s time the Passion for what’s right,
    and the Rule of Law, to come into view
    on the plane of Truth and Reason !”
    What does this mean, one might ask ?
    It means Men and Women must stand and
    say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !”
    “It’s time for Godly Men And Women to stop
    avoiding politics !
    And being afraid of offending WEAK MINDED
    It’s time for the Men and Women of God to
    stand for righteousness !
    Just as our founders did.
    The more people who resist illegal laws and
    just say NO ! The better.
    Yes, some people will die.
    (But it must start somewhere, remember, it
    will end somewhere too.)
    No one want’s to die. They didn’t want to die
    in 1774 or the years that followed.
    No one want’s to die now.
    But the MEN and WOMEN who’ve placed their
    faith in Christ, WILL NEVER DIE !
    What are those cretans going to do ?
    Threaten us with, HEAVEN ?
    The more who stand and resist.
    The greater the momentum against evil will grow.
    So let them come, and if it takes many small
    events, sooner or later, those small events will
    turn into a larger events…Then a SACRED FIRE !
    That SACRED FIRE will lead to victory.

  2. If, If they let you live, you will lose all your weapons and your freedom.
    I will not give up my freedom without a fight and it wont be in court. Once they have bagged you and ransacked your home, the fix is in. The evidence is planted and you are guilty, no matter what. It always ends that way. See Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc.
    To the PTB… if you come for me, PACK A LUNCH!!!!

  3. I might even be tempted to go for option A submission. Then get busy when the odds have changed in my favour..

  4. As noted, in such a scenario, the odds would not be in your favor. Assuming this was a life or death situation, the only thing that could prevent a bunch of heavily armed thugs from unlawfully entering your home is an act of extreme violence.
    Fire, or the threat of it, could be used as an effective deterrent. This could be accomplished by modifying an old water heater, or other pressure tank. With an air compressor and a little American ingenuity, you could improvise a device to disperse pressurized flammable liquids . A flare gun would be optional.

  5. “I don’t really know much about the Dorner situation, I don’t know whether he was a Patriot or not, a real whistle blower to LAPD corruption, but it appears he was egregiously treated and suffered his own ‘Rambo’ moment. Ultimately, he did not do a great job of going on the run and hitting back – he hid in a cabin. But then again, I wasn’t there, maybe he was wounded and hypothermic, so I’m just the critic whose opinion doesn’t count. My point is that if people start to resist, many will just die in their homes, or be wounded and jailed. Some may start to fight out and go on the run. But if they manage to live for more than a few days, if no-one helps them they will just be another Dorner story.”

    Why do people insist on using that stupid Dorner story that no one has evidence of ever happening other than a bunch of policeman going on a shooting spree and finishing off their bullets on an empty cabin and finally setting it on fire? That’s what I got from the information available at the time. No proof that Dorner existed. No body shown. No witnesses. No pictures of him shooting anyone or that he was even present at the cabin at all. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! It was worse false flag stunt than the Sandy Hoax shooting. So using that fantasy character, Dorner to convey a message just aggravates me and insults my intelligence. It’s like a pet peeve of mine.

    However, other than that, the rest of the article is well-written with a lot of incite and I always enjoy reading any and all of Max Velocity’s articles and tactical input.

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