Some thoughts on our current situation

Essentials. Have you thought about that meaning? Have you thought about the implications? If you’re one of the “privileged” probably not. You’re quite content with your new and fortunate title. But what about the “non essentials”? What will they be considered in the coming world order?

Will we see obsolete people? People who serve no purpose to the state or government? Will only essential slaves be left to toil for government continuity? Is this how they’ll cull the herd for who remains and who doesn’t?

With everyone obeying orders to stay in, will you watch as non essentials are carried away to be discarded or left to die.

How about those who don’t have a “good social credit score”?

Its like a twilight zone episode isn’t it? Or maybe episodes like that warned of what’s to come.

What is your worth? What side will you be on when the storm comes? When is enough, enough?

Funny how people who used to talk so bold and say how our society is lazy and how when they were younger they weren’t scared of germs and stuff and would get dirty and nothing ever happened to them are now cowering in their cages.

People who used to say, they would never shut businesses down here, these things would never happen in America, we’re free and no one tells us what to do are now on their knees to follow every edict.

Looking at fellow neighbors and peers with hatred and disgust for not having a mask, or being outside or speaking their opinions that differ, calling police on people who gather on their own property.

Is this what we are? Is this what a civilized, free, independent society looks like? School programs that require full access to invade all privacy? Digital currency that abolishes free, private trade? Government ownership, takeovers of business? Telling people when they’re allowed to go out or socialize? Who matters or not?

21 thoughts on “Some thoughts on our current situation

  1. Spot on article Jamal! I don’t believe the apathy is going to last much longer. So be ready as I’m sure you absolutely are.
    By the way, I’m under the impression you’re in NY. What’s going on in the streets there? Anything you’ve witnessed?

    1. Hey Katie, in the streets you see the typical people I mentioned. They give dirty looks if you stand “too close” or don’t have a mask. But I gotta say, there are a lot of people just going about their business which I’m happy to see. Going from what new york was to how it is now is very strange. Lots of closed gates, nearly empty streets. I don’t like it.

  2. Jamal, if you watch this you’ll be convinced that many will absolutely stand up and fight. Flee posted this on another post.

  3. It truly has been exactly the same for a long time. The only difference is that now people are denying what they see and what they where warned about.
    It’s why there was a an ever increasing push back after n ine1eleven. It’s why the last 50years of comedy has of the mechanism that didn’t and couldn’t exist.
    Bizzarow world was a f!!kin odd place. That’s over. Now it’s put up or shut up.

    God speed. best of luck and prove your metal. We are us.

    1. Speaking of push back, the other day I was telling my replacement as POA office manager and friend what it was like under the lock down during the 1997 Republic of Texas standoff with Texas Rangers and whatnot against 7 of Rick McLaren’s RoT people which last 7 days. Now THAT was a lock down, and a lot of folks left, and some were forced to because they lived close by Rick’s place. That was over 20 years ago and since then most of the residents out here are much newer (with the ones back then dying off, etc.) and these folks have no clue. Most of these are in la-la land bliss since it’s isolated and nothing like cities or suburbs, mountain lions, etc. Aside from the messages in my novels, I plan to let these folks know that the “bliss” they think they live under is going to end soon, very soon, unless they truly “wake up.” One good thing–everyone out here owns guns. I’ll make sure they know the Bill of Rights is sacrosanct, so to speak.

      1. Jamal…
        Google soundcloud… tin foil hat #283
        Bishop Larry Gaiters…
        Start at 9 to 10 minutes.
        It’s on sticher too.
        Never heard of them until now.

  4. Heard a journalist on an interview say disgustedly that instead of buying toilet paper people should be buying pitch forks. I totally agree!

  5. Thank you, Jamal, for your words encouraging bravery and valor, and for always going the distance in identifying what we’re up against. I appreciate that because it’s very difficult for me to take any information from those writers who will not identify the head of the snake and be involved in cutting it off. Many authors bring much important information on all kinds of issues but yet they keep the dam in place to keep us from looking at the zio money-mongers and their plan to control and subjugate the world. It’s like a doctor looking at a patient with advanced cancer and putting all his concern on the patient’s hangnail. Sure, the hangnail hurts and needs attending, but without focusing on the main culprit the patient can die. And we are dying in droves, by so many nefarious methods. It almost should be that all who report any injustice should connect it to that head of the snake and should show The Bill of Rights as the way out. Otherwise we just keep attending to the hangnails. The Trench has long identified the enemy, and is the only place my soul feels at home in community. So many warriors here; everyday I am astounded.


  6. I’m getting goddamned tired of being told how its going to be going forward, given no respect for my or your opinion.

    They don’t want input, then I’ll input some lead, nobody tells me, without my input.

    1. I feel the same, Mark. Most on my mind now is that they may push force testing for all. That will be a deciding moment for many. Still, I hate the idea of forced testing as much as I hate that of forced vaccinating. God knows what these tests are. Is the test actually dangerous? And the results go to “the authorities” before they are given to you. Sure, we can really trust that!!! The word “tampering” comes to mind, along with “eugenics.” I WANT MY WORLD BACK!!!!!!!!!!


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