Some words of wisdom for everyone at the Trenches

“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them. Ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.” – Author Unknown

11 thoughts on “Some words of wisdom for everyone at the Trenches

  1. Damn straight!
    Put on a happy face and sing a little tune while you stack and reload.
    Greet those pesky neighbors at the door while smiling, with one sitting just in reach behind it and another in the small of your back.
    To quote a little tune: Don’t worry, be happy!

  2. Thank you, Sunfire. Can only say I try. There are days of optimism, but then “the water gets in,” and I find myself swimming in anger, resentment, rage. The resentment is the worst because it makes me aware that they are stealing my days and years, my senior years, and life is so very different from what I had envisioned. I know I am not alone in this. There is a pall of sorrow covering so many. I believe it will ultimately make us fight harder. I’m a little ashamed to share this here, but it is what it is. Oh geez, somebody tell a joke.


    1. I am not telling anyone to put on a “Lee Press-On Smile” and sit around singing “Kumbaya” while eating cookies and drinking Kool-Aid pretending the world is just hunky-dory. Too many though fall into depression and then they become victims of apathy. American Nationals need to stay focused on getting the Bill of Rights enforced once again as the Supreme Law of this country and having our Common Law Courts reinstated. The psychos that seek our destruction aren’t going to just give up and walk away, there will be a fight, a fight they will lose.

      1. I understood your intention in posting the quote, Sunfire, and yes, it brings more determination to not let them sink us. Many emotions still surface, and hopefully they will be catalysts to action. I think here at The Trenches we give each other encouragement. Interesting second and third syllables in that word encouragement.



    1. The Titanic was anything but “unsinkable”, but our Bill of Rights, our Common Law Courts, and our Republic will be when this fight is done!

    2. Ha, ha, ha. Keep rowin’, EOTS, there’s an armory on that approaching shore. It has just about everything you might need.



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