19 thoughts on “Something ain’t right here! The desperation to get everyone jabbed is dire to them! Why? depop

    1. the free shake shack burger and fries jig and jive was really convincing, i almost fell for it lol

      but then the free beer and lottery tickets interested me so i waited….

      the free tickets to the baseball game were really something else ……

      nah just kidding , go f-k yourselves ha ha ha

  1. F*** you Bitch McC***sucker! I will NOT take the death shots! I’m sorry that Polio didn’t take you out way back then, it would have been a great public service you piece of dog shit!

  2. These Motherf*ckers have to be stopped theres no other way G*D DAMMIT!!!!! i CAN HARDLY STAND THE LIFE AM HAVING TO LIVE ( ITS REALLY WAAAAAY BEYOND unbearable)!!!!!!!! By the way I am here for true American Nationals period. WE Will Have to stop them because they will never stop god damm!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM READY TO SACRIFICE ALL I HAVE TO STOP THEM!! A SLIT OF THE THROAT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Every day…….Angry Again by Megadeath… gravity gots bones, pulls my flesh away… Steaming I breakout in a sweaty face. then i rip your god damm throat out.

  4. Sounds like blackmail and/or a threat to me.

    If they don’t get people all jabbed like they want, then they are going to blackmail us with another fake virus and play the whole mask/quarantine and mass media hysteria scenario all over again until they force everyone to get the jab.

    Well, I say, f$&k’em!

  5. Agree, they can all go to the hell they have specially designed for themselves. No vax, please and thank you! Side note, my great uncle has polio…after getting the polio vax in the 60s! Tell me again, how effective are they…I guess it depends on which result you want.

  6. from what I’ve seen about the “aids epidemic ” and how they have manipulated this non-vaccine mRna poison
    I wouldnt be having sex with anyone that took the shot …all im sayin ‘

  7. They will have to mandate it to have a job. When those who still refuse don’t have jobs they will have.plenty of time for monkey wrenching and revolution.

  8. Not even an eighth of the people he claims is in the hospital would be their if the Doctors and pharmacist across America and the world would stand up to these people and treat everyone as soon as they get the man made China virus. My Doctor has treated over 500 people with HCQ antibiotic and zinc not one went into the hospital. FYI look into hydrogen peroxide as nebulizer treatment for covid or dandelion leaf extract for treating covid. Just 3 treatments here. Another is a tea made from eastern white pine needles. The shot is pure poison and was never needed Mitch knows it! He should be busy questioning Fauci and Gates not telling us what we should do. BTY Mitch…. MY BODY MY CHOICE!

    1. You indicate all through this comment that that Covid that doesn’t exist does. You do have a copy of the isolation study, and I don’t mean a computer simulation, I mean the actual study isolating the virus that you can send me to put up on this site.
      Otherwise, you have an explanation as to why you are affirming what I say is a lie. Can’t have a cure until you have a sickness.
      I wait.

      1. The CDC has this posted on their site: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/lab/grows-virus-cell-culture.html There is a link on that page that directs to this: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/6/20-0516_article Of course, these lies have been exposed as seen here: https://projectcamelotportal.com/2021/04/30/phd-virologist-proves-covid19-does-not-exist/ Other sites keep attempting to prove that to be a lie as seen here: https://www.aap.com.au/proof-the-virus-behind-covid-19-doesnt-exist-fails-basic-biology-test/ And round and round and round we go, all the while people are taking lethal injections that will kill them. I don’t care what anyone else believes or what else does, I refuse all “Covid19 vaccines”. This scamdemic/plandemic is falling apart faster than the Titanic went down.

        So far, to my the best of my knowledge, no one has cashed in for a million: https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/04/19/millionaire-offers-1-2-m-reward-to-anyone-providing-an-isolated-sample-of-the-covid-19-virus/

        1. Ha! Thanks, Sunfire. Hadn’t seen that one from back in April. Seems that has and will remain an unclaimed prize. Maybe he can instead divide the prize among whistle-blowers telling the truth: Never isolated. No virus.


          1. There have actually been multiple cash offers made by multiple people for anyone who can provide concrete proof that the virus is real and has been isolated. Thing is, no one has cashed in on any of them because the virus DOES NOT EXIST! This is just like 9/11, they keep telling the lie over and over and over in the hopes that if they keep saying it, that will make enough stupid people believe it and then roll up their sleeves for the death shots.

  9. Oh and world renown virologists say everyone that get the shot will be dead in a matter of a few years but expects it sooner! Some doctors say this fall is going to be horrific for the vaxxed

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