7 thoughts on “Something Strange Happening to US Food Processing Plants…

    1. Got to thinking about ‘happy’

      What is the root word of happy?
      Where does happy come from? The first records of happy come from around 1350. It comes from Middle English and is a combination of the word hap, meaning “a person’s luck or lot,” and the suffix –y meaning “characterized by.” The word hap comes from the Old Norse happ, meaning “luck” or “chance.”

      happy (adj.)

      late 14c., “lucky, favored by fortune, being in advantageous circumstances, prosperous;” of events, “turning out well,” from hap (n.) “chance, fortune” + -y (2). Sense of “very glad” first recorded late 14c. Meaning “greatly pleased and content” is from 1520s. Old English had eadig (from ead “wealth, riches”) and gesælig, which has become silly. Old English bliðe “happy” survives as blithe. From Greek to Irish, a great majority of the European words for “happy” at first meant “lucky.” An exception is Welsh, where the word used first meant “wise.”

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