3 thoughts on “Something Unprecedented Is Happening at Bilderberg 2018

  1. Disgust!! A full court press. Hold on to your hats and your Bill of Rights which they’re attemptin’ to shred.

    Regime Change = War/Overthrow

    Demons in suits deciding our future at a tower of babel, where each will speak his own language and provide his own interpreter and the message will be delivered to us as: We Are Saving The World!!

    How much more will we take? I ask as I’m aware of quite a few of my friends, family, and associates who seem to live in another world, who sleep and think I’m nuts. I doubt there’ll be any help from them.

    And Thinkin’ of Trump-heads, Putin-heads, Lib-heads… they’ll legitimize this, with analysis, criticism, and the taking of sides.

    And oh… The Pope, sending along his representative. Oh that’s right, I forgot: those who hold a great portion of the world’s wealth must certainly have a voice (and a cut). Who next will attend? Bourdain’s girlfriend?

    I pray for the people who will face the bombs, and I pray For Trenchers everywhere.


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