Son of Sandy Hook

If you’re dumb enough to have fallen for the latest mass-shooting saga in Charleston, please stop reading now, because you already failed the I.Q. test. Study the statistics on the back of a baseball card, and try to stay out of the way until you’re killed.

If you happen to be one of the thinking members of your community, you understand how these events are orchestrated, and you understand how the public is manipulated by them.  

I didn’t bother to look into the details of this shooting, because they’re becoming like television re-runs, and I’m sure it’s the same story of a patsy being drugged into violent  madness, followed by the usual media melodrama, and the predictable reactions from every politician and Zionist mouthpiece whose face is on the tube.

It’s the Zionists’ most effective device in their endless quest to disarm Americans so they can be more easily slaughtered, and this particular event has the added bonus of getting the poor idiots to kill each other in a race war, which of course, will be fully funded by the usual billionaires.

There’s little you can do to save people who choose to remain willfully ignorant of reality, and there’s even less that you can do for someone who still allows his behavior and opinions to be swayed by the Zionist media.

Everyone will swear that they’re not affected by it, but as long as the morons are staring into the tube for three or four hours per day, you should expect that they’re completely brainwashed, and incapable of an original thought.

This fact makes the useful idiots dangerous, because the Zionists are desperate, and getting Americans to fight each other is their only chance of defeating us. I shouldn’t have to repeat the old “united we stand, divided we fall” mantra, but there it is.

Is there racism in America? Of course there is, but it’s dying with old men wherever it can’t be kept alive by the media. White people who don’t like black people generally just move to different neighborhoods. They don’t mow down churchgoers, and they don’t burn crosses. Your government is behind all these operations, because the fact of the matter is that racial hatred just isn’t strong enough anywhere to inspire much more than verbal assaults unless it’s drummed into the small minds of big idiots who stare into the tube all day, or unless of course, George Soros pays people to riot.

I once read a “news” story about a cross-burning event, wherein the alleged racist ignited three, eight-foot crosses in various parts of town in one evening. I thought about what he would have to do to accomplish this, and the whole story became silly. Load the crosses into a van or pick-up truck, douse one with gasoline, erect the thing, torch it, and move to the next location. It’s certainly not the kind of crime that you can commit without getting caught, but that didn’t deter the alleged racist.

Why would someone risk a long hate-crime prison sentence to burn these crosses? Did he think all the black people would pack up and move? Obviously the entire production is silly, it would only be carried out by someone with no fear of being arrested, and the only possible motive would be to generate a race-hate headline. It sounds like another FBI operation to me.

The point is, that the people you’re getting your information from are only in the business of deceiving and manipulating you, and most, if not all of the major events in the news today were orchestrated for that purpose.

You know what happened in Ferguson, Baltimore, Sandy Hook, Boston, and at a dozen other mass-shootings and false-flag events, all staged or manipulated for the purpose of shaping public opinion. Why would you believe a word the Zionist media says about the events in Charleston? Why would you allow what they claim happened to alter your opinions in any way? Isn’t it better to understand what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it?

Like I said, I didn’t really dig into the details this time, so I’m not sure if people were even killed, or if it’s another Sandy Hoax kind of mass killing that has all the expected gun-control media hype, but lacks any real dead bodies.

Out of a hundred million gun owners in this country, you would think one of them would be violent and crazy enough to kill innocent people, but like the cross-burnings, it’s something that just doesn’t happen, so “our government” (they’re NOT our government) has to create the events much as it’s done in Hollywood, just to provide excuses for disarming their soon-to-be genocide victims.

I won’t even call it a “shooting” yet, because we still only have the pathologically lying Zionists claiming that people were actually shot there, but the timing of the event, real or fabricated, is suspicious enough, because it successfully diverted the nation’s attention from Obama being “fast-tracked” into the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty.

Personally, I think the irony is hysterical. As black Americans scream in anger at the display of a flag they associate with slavery, America’s first black president prepares to allow slavery to be re-instituted in America. It just goes to prove how blindly adherent to racist principles people can be. They trust that a black president is working for black people because he supports the destruction of our heritage and cultural symbols, when in reality, he’s betraying Americans of all skin colors and varied ethnicity by destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights that protects us all.

Again, I don’t expect the TV-brainwashed to understand this, because I don’t expect them to think very deeply, if at all. That means it’s up to you, the thinking member of your community, to educate the idiots. No one knows better than I do that it’s an uphill battle, but just as the village idiot has his job, the people blessed with the ability to think have a job to do in their community too. So please get to work, and explain to the fools that they’re being fooled once again. We do need to prevent the idiots from being led around by the nose by the Zionist media, because the goal here is to have whites and blacks killing each other, just to make it easier for the Zionists to kill whomever remains. I don’t really care if you’re a white person who hates blacks, or a black person who hates whites. People of all races and ethnic backgrounds need to look beyond the emotional manipulation they’re being subjected to, and band together to defeat our common enemy. The Zionists are working overtime to get rid of all Americans, black or white. They’re the inventors of racism, descended from the slave traders, and now they’re creating racist hatred through their control of the media. They want us all dead, and they have a long history of genocide, so you’re either going to start exposing their lies and schemes, or you’ll be led off to slaughter with the idiots.   — Jolly Roger

“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.” – Abe Lincoln

23 thoughts on “Son of Sandy Hook

  1. Fine writting! Now this should be blasted in every letters to the editor column of all newspapers. Maybe a few more would wake up.

  2. Jesus,I wish I could write that well. Anyway JR, I said it once, I,ll say it again, ” Thank God Henry has men like you writing for this site.”

  3. Go viral with this article! I agree with everything in this except “educate the idiots”….I can’t! I’ve tried! They’re not called “village idiots” for nothing….they’re fools and they are not willing to be educated. The majority of the time, you cannot change someone’s self will…they are on their own. They have to be willing to change within their own heart….sadly, accountability is no longer in our vocabulary anymore.

    1. Educating the idiots…fact is if they think you are educating them they’ll turn you off. But if you act clandestinely and “play dumb” that is, play dumb then spring the truth on them, it just might work. Worst thing you can do is implicate an idiot for being an idiot. And if that doesn’t work, wipe the dust from your feet at the door, then leave and never go back (as Christ once said…but this can be used in any situation). If you are lucky this “idiot” will hear testimony from an eye-witness completely debunking an official narrative and will then repent his idiocy: example–I have tried for years to convince a guy I know that the govt. official version of 9-11 was bogus using everything from AE for 9-11 truth evidence to videos from firefighters, medics, and cops (he’s a medic) about bombs bursting in the basement of the WTC, and it didn’t work until a stewardess who was on one of the flights that supposedly hit the WTC went on Hagmann and Hagmann and gave her account that this event never happened, it was all staged. THEN he believed everything I ever told him!

      1. Another example that relates to the so-called church shooting: me and a co-worker were discussing this and of course she started on the “racism” meme and I told her (again playing dumb)–” What I want to know is why is Barack Obama stirring up race hatred against blacks?” Now THAT caught her completely off guard and she said to me, “You know, you’re right? That SOB IS just stirring up race hatred! Killing members of your own race to stir up hatred? What kind of psycho does that?” This woman is a former cop as well, and she even told me that the only folks being recruited to be cops now are psychopaths! She admitted it, what I’ve known for years.

  4. Thank you, JR. Well done.

    May it shed light on all the divisive techniques regarding racism following this hoax. Biting the baited hook of blind racism is only going to be your demise and not an easy lunch. There is a man who carefully prepared the bait to attract your attention and you will get more than a meal. He will be the one to get what he wanted and you will be the meal in the end.

  5. “…As black Americans scream in anger at the display of a flag they associate with slavery, America’s first black president prepares to allow slavery to be re-instituted in America….”

    Jolly this just might be the best sentence you have posted on here, ever! And the true irony is that Obama is half-white.

  6. Jolly Roger, thank you for your very well written article. I’m going to print it, make some copies, and try to finally get my children to open their eyes to what is going on. I am originally from Georgia and I have Confederate soldier ancestors and my husband does too as well. Yes this Confederate battle flag is part of our history but the truth be known, my husband and I have never even had one of our own. It’s now tempting to buy one just because TPTB are using this battle flag to divide Americans. I do however really like the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. I for sure wouldn’t mind having one of those!

  7. As usual JR, you hit the nail on the head! Yes, the shooting was an excellent distraction from the latest act of treason with the duly appointed officials voting for the unconstitutional TPP. Well, at least we can see what’s in it now, right?

  8. Thanks, everyone. You’re too kind. I’m just glad that I can produce something that might help us win. If it helps to awaken one more American, I’ll be proud of myself.

  9. These fake jew zionists aka Israel, crave division. Why do u guys think they created two political parties for. Ben gurion had JFK murdered. Israel was also responsible for bombing the twin towers. Israel of today is not God’s Israel. God will create a new earth and a new jerusalem only when the devil is cast into the the lake of fire for eternity. Only then will Israel be created. The true victim in gaza are the Palestinians. Wake up sheeple.

  10. JR: EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!

    I think they did this one for several reasons, some repeating reasons.

    One was to just “prove” they could lead America around by the nose on what to talk about, just to keep “in shape” their ability to get the whole country talking about whatever they want. They want to keep this ability SHARP, so these things never stop.

    Two: I think the endgame of this particular FALSE FLAG is to get legislation banning criticism of Israel, even though it’s a black/white FALSE FLAG. They’ll tack onto some “hate crime” bill to do with this, stopping criticism of Israel. It will be towed along with the main bill and no one will notice.

    THREE: you heard it here first – I’m predicting a FALSE FLAG, I don’t know when, but someone with Nazi garb will shoot up a synagogue. That will be the ultimate FALSE FLAG. Would that FALSE FLAG remind you of anything else? That will be the big one.

  11. “Again, I don’t expect the TV-brainwashed to understand this,…”

    Unless you expect the sun to rise in the West tomorrow. The greatest battle we face in this country is against t.v. ‘programming’.

    Another excellent article, JR.

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